Crafts That Are All Fun And Games

We do craft projects for a variety of different reasons.  Some need to be done for serious occasions like decorating for special events like anniversary parties, weddings or holidays. Other times we take special care for home decor crafting or important gift items. There are those moments, though, when it can be all fun and games……literally! Either making your own board or yard games or using old game pieces in a craft project is just plain fun.  I have come up with a collection of fun game crafts that either incorporate game pieces or they are a craft to make a game itself. Enjoy!

Game Crafts

Scrabble Board Placemats

fun and games

This first idea is not really a craft but I had to include it for the decor idea.  Using scrabble boards as placements is a super fun idea, especially when you can use the letter tiles to spell out the guests name at each place setting!

Magnetic Scrabble Board For The Wall

game crafts - magnetic scrabble board


Sticking with the Scrabble board, here is a Scrabble magnet board used as fun wall art.  It would be hard to just walk by without trying to form a word or two! Are you wondering how to get this Scrabble board magnetic? Check out the easy Magnetic Scrabble Board tutorial!

DIY Cribbage Game

diy cribbage board

If you like to play cribbage, you can learn how to make your own cribbage board from One Project Closer.

DIY Checkerboard Table

fun and games

One way to finish the top of an old table is to paint a checker board to the top of it.  I love this idea! The checkerboard table top can be made on any table that you want to use.

DIY Outdoor Games

Ping Pong Table

fun and games

See how you can build your own outdoor games, like this DIY ping pong table, that are perfect for your Summer parties!

Corn Hole Toss Game

fun and games

Another fun yard game that you can make yourself is this popular cornhole toss game.



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