Create Your Own Style With Fabric Painting

Home decor is a matter of personal taste. Chances are at one time or other you simply can’t find the right pre-made accessory or even fabric choice for making your own. This is where fabric painting makes a great alternative. All you need is a plain fabric, to start with, in either a neutral color or a color that compliments the room you are making the accessory for. Then you just pick out your choice of paint colors to compliment your design.

Fabric painting can be used for items such as throw pillow, curtains, wall art, dinner napkins, towels or clothing and accessory items. I could go on and on. The styles you can go with are limitless as well. You could go with an artsy geometric design using both regular fabric paints and dimensional fabric paints. Dimensional paints can a lot of design interest and are often used to outline key areas.

You could also go with a simple stencil using both paints and fabric paint pens. Paint pens work great for fine details. And, if you are very artistic, you can free paint a beautiful scene.

I wanted a couple of fun throw pillows for our cabin so I opted for making my own with some cute outdoorsy stencils. These were an easy project to do and something that I couldn’t find in a store.

I chose to use a plain muslin fabric as my background. This works well for showing all the details and is real inexpensive too! The stencils I chose were a nice size to completely fill the fabric for a small throw pillow. Here are the steps I followed to complete the fabric painting:

  1. To begin with, I pre washed the fabric to remove any sizing and to allow for shrinkage.
  2. I ironed the fabric so I would have a nice wrinkle free surface for my painting.
  3. After centering the stencil on my pillow square, I taped it down with masking tape at the corners. You don’t want your stencil slipping half way through the project.
  4. The next step was to trace the stencil onto the fabric with a pencil.
  5. I used a combination of fabric paints and fabric paint pens to fill in the design on the fabric.  It’s best to use a fine tip paint brush for this and take your time.  There is not much room for error!
  6. Once the paint was completely dry, I waited at least 24 hours, I set the paint with heat. To do this all you need to do is iron over the design at medium heat for only about a half a minute, making sure to get the whole design. I place an old towel over the painted area just in case it bleeds at all during this process.

Caring for your item is pretty easy to. If it is a clothing article, you can wash it but just make sure to wash in cold water and either let it air dry or set your dryer on no heat.

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  1. Where can I get the stencil ??

  2. Where can you get the stencil ??

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