Design Your Own Wall Art With Branches, Paper & Mod Podge

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If you are having trouble finding wall art to fit your style needs, then design your own wall art just the way you want it.  It’s fun to get creative with a variety of different items and if those items just happen to be free, it is all the more satisfying.   This particular project was made up almost entirely of things that I had on hand or were taken directly from the great outdoors.  The only thing that I had to purchase was the wood base which was very inexpensive from Joann.

Before I had started this project, I had drawn out on paper a rough design of what I wanted my finished project to look like.  As I began working on the plaque, however, the project began to take on a life of its own.  Each stage that I completed gave me new inspiration for the next phase.  A little tweaking here and there and I ended up with a design I was happy with.

When I bought my birch piece of wood from the craft store, there were a myriad of different sizes and shapes available.  Pick something that will best fit the design that you have in mind.  You could also come up with your own base with a slice from a tree trunk or a ceramic tile or even metal sheeting.

The very first thing I did was to write the word “sing” with a wood burning pen.  I then added some paint.  First I painted green inside the leaves and then I did a whitewash paint over the entire piece of wood.

When you frame a plain piece of wood with branches, it add a nice rustic touch.  So..I used birch branches for the trim around the plywood frame and for a perch for my bird to sit on.   I then drew the bird free hand on some thick textured paper and cut it out.  You could also print out an image that you want to use or use a stencil instead.  I then painted it and coated it with Modge Podge dimensional magic to give it a nice hard and somewhat glossy texture.  To get the bird to stand out a little, I first glued a thick button to the plaque and then glued the bird to the button.  I also glued a wire leg and foot underneath the bird with the foot perched on the branch.

I added a few clear sequins to the end of the branch to look like fresh dew in the morning with the sun glistening on it.  Then, to fill the right corner, I simply add a small floral pick of leaves and berries.  The last step was to twist a thick wire around the top branches for hanging.

bird plaque by

Hopefully this helps to inspire you for your own project!

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