Creative Picture Frames & Holders

If you like to hang or display a lot of photos, you may be looking for some creative ways to frame them.  Even though the photos themselves are most likely extremely exciting, sometimes those rectangular frames are not quite what your decorative space is screaming for.  Creative picture frames can add that little extra zing you might be needing.

Creative Picture Frame Ideas

To display photos in an interesting way, all you have to do is think outside the box. Or, in this case, outside the frame. There are a lot of common items that can double as photo holders.

Hang Photos On Vintage Clipboards

I like to collect vintage clipboards and there is no better way to use them then to display a favorite picture.

To decorate my mantel, I used a vintage wood clipboard to hold a photo. This could also be easily hung on the wall.

creative picture frames - clipboard photo holder

Make Your Own Clipboard For Photos

If you don’t have access to any vintage wooden clipboards, just make your own! A wall photo holder is easy enough to make.

creative picture frames - DIY clipboards

Hang A Photo With A Vintage Pants Hanger

Another real simple idea that I like to use for hanging photos on the wall is to use vintage wooden pants hangers.  This is another example of simply clipping a photo and hanging it.

creative picture frames - wooden hangers

I had decorated this pants hanger with a little paint and some vintage buttons but you could just leave it plain wood for a more versatile style.

Make A Picture Frame Out Of Pallet Wood

Since wooden pallets are used so much in rustic decor, why not use one to make a picture frame? A pallet frame is such a warm and rustic look.

creative picture frames - pallet wood frame

The metal brackets add a nice industrial touch to this frame.

Create A Frame Out Of Moss

If you need to add a little fresh greenery to your home, a moss frame will do the trick!

creative picture frames - moss frame

This project is quick and easy!

Have you used any creative picture frames to display photos?  What are some of your ideas?

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