DIY Shabby Chic Decor

If you like vintage style decorating that is a little rustic and a little feminine, you will love shabby chic decor. To get this style in your home, you just need to add some fun accessories. However, you don’t have to buy expensive home decor when you can make your own chic accessories for a fraction of the cost!  These DIY shabby chic decor ideas are not only affordable but they are easy to complete as well!

Ideas For DIY Shabby Chic Decor

Make A Chic Wreath Out Of Old Book Pages

diy shabby chic decor

TUTORIAL: Alyssa Beth

Wreaths are a popular item to decorate your home with. However, a pretty wreath made from old book pages is especially shabby chic. Hang a wreath like this above a mantel or any interior door. It would be especially pretty to decorate with at Christmas time. If you don’t have any old book pages, see how you can make your own aged book pages for this DIY shabby chic decor project.

Fill An Old Bucket With Pretty Florals

diy shabby chic decor

SOURCE: French Country Cottage

There is nothing prettier than the contrast of florals with an old vintage bucket. Any container, that is a little old or shabby, is such a perfect way to display flowers if you are decorating in a shabby chic style.

Old Ladders With Floral Rungs

diy shabby chic decor

TUTORIAL: Crafts By Amanda

Two things that I love in shabby chic decorating are old ladders and distressed picture frames.  When you put them together like this, it makes quite a statement!  I also love the fabric detailing on the ladders rungs and the monogram letter to complete the look. Because of the floral fabric, the shabby ladder gets dressed up with a little chic. This makes a perfect example of easy DIY shabby chic decor.

Sew A Shabby Chic Pillow

diy shabby chic decor


A pretty vintage inspired floral pillow would be a great accent for a shabby chic space. Pair this with rustic furnishings for a nice contrast.

Create A Vintage Inspired Storage Rack


INSPIRATION: Shabby Chic Inspired

This spice rack is made over and re-purposed into a stylish craft storage unit.  The graphics and chic bottle labels are enough to dress up any craft room.

Create Shabby Chic Bathroom Storage With Mason Jars

diy shabby chic decor

TUTORIAL: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Mason jars painted and distressed with white paint make pretty little storage containers for the bathroom. If you like to see how much soap you have left in a soap container, then leave the soap dispenser clear and add a chic floral embellishment.

Make A Shabby Chic Desk Photo Holder

diy shabby chic decor

TUTORIAL: How To Make A Shabby Chic Photo Holder

A vintage wooden thread spool make a great base for a desk photo holder. Add a little lace and some glass beads for a fun shabby chic accessory.

Makeover A Dresser In A Shabby Chic Style

shabby chic dresser makeover

SOURCE: The Mom Tog Diaries

All it takes to transform an old dresser into a shabby chic beauty is some new paint and decorative knobs.

Upcycle A Flower Pot

shabby chic flower pot

TUTORIAL: The V Spot Blog

Turn any old terra cotta flower pot into a pretty shabby chic decor accent. With some added embellishments and a distressed paint technique, you wouldn’t even recognize the old pot.

Make A Chic Bench Out Of An Old Bed Frame

DIY shabby chic decor bench

SOURCE: Design Dazzle

Sometimes you just need to think outside of the box to come up with a cool DIY shabby chic decor idea. This pretty bench was actually made from an old bed frame. I love projects that repurpose old items!

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