Decorating A Cabin With Vintage Finds

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A fun way to decorate a rustic cabin is with antiques.  I like to shop flea markets and resale shops for some of the best vintage deals.

Things like old fishing reels, fly rods, snow shoes and wooden skis are a few examples of items to use as decor since these are typically activities you might do at your cabin.

Some other items are a little off the wall and are fun to use in a new way.  This vintage hose reel is one such item.  I loved the look of it and decided to transform it into a rolling snack cart.  I made the tray last week just for this purpose.   It sets nicely on the wooden spokes that should hold a reel of hose.

I left the hose reel just as I bought it with the weathered green paint.  To get the tray to blend, I used a green paint under the weathered white layer.  The resulting snack cart is easy to roll to different locations.

We have used a lot of other vintage finds, to decorate our cabin, that are simply reminiscent of what we like to do while there.  The following pictures show how we incorporated them into our decor.

This old minnow bucket adds a little character sitting in front of the small end table.  The end table, by the way, is just a plant stand from Ikea.  With a small space, you have to get creative with your furnishings!

We used an antique fly rod to sweep over the top of this window with fishing reels setting on the window sill.

Since our cabin is on a fishing lake, we use a lot of old fishing equipment in our decor.  This shelf holds some more reels plus an antique fishing line where we hung some wooden fish.

You can also get some great artwork if you shop right at some of the resale shops.  I liked this old and picture frame but didn’t like the print that was in it so I bought it just for the frame, costing me $2.oo.  At the very same store, they had fishing prints from a local artist for just $3.oo a piece.  Luckily, it fit perfectly into my frame for some very inexpensive wall art.

The picket fence planter box and the picket fence shelf were both purchased from the same antique store and the boat oars came from a flea market.  The natural weathered look of all of them adds some fun old character to the brand new cabin.

Vintage furniture can also be used in unique ways.  I love the look of this antique vanity and mirror and thought it would work great as a bathroom sink cabinet.  All we had to do was drill through the top for the sink piping.  This was purchased at a resale shop for about $60 which is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new bathroom cabinet with this amount of character.

So, whether you use antique items strictly for decor or transform them into another usable item, you can see that if you shop right you can decorate quite inexpensively.

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown urban loft and up north rustic cabin. Read more about me.
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