Decorating In Black And White Can Still Be Rustic

When you think of a rustic style room you may think of subdued and dark colors. However, decorating in black and white can work wonderfully in a rustic space. The bold contrast of colors adds some chic to a space that is already filled with warm texture.

To add some chic to your rustic space, trying adding accessories in black and white. For a bolder impact, use black and white as the primary colors of the room. We tend to have a lot of gray areas in life and in decorating that goes for many soft colors.  So, making a clearly defined and bold statement, by decorating in black and white, goes a long way in achieving a wow factor.

Ideas For Decorating In Black And White

Add A Black And White Area Rug

decorating in black and white

Who says that a rustic living room can’t be comfortable and classy at the same time? The bold black and white patterns really make the rustic accents pop.

A Black And White Stair Runner Adds Drama

black and white carpet runner<

A stairway is a great place to add a little drama with a bold runner.

Toss Some Throw Pillows Around In Black And White

decorating in black and white - throw pillows

There is a reason that black and white buffalo checks are so popular in farmhouse style decorating. The bold pattern is so striking!

Decorating In Black And White With Pillow Covers and Throws

rustic bedroom in black and white

The black and white accents provide such a nice contrast to the warm leather.

Decorating In Mostly Black And White Highlights An Accent Color

decorating in black and white

It’s funny, there is so much black and white and yet those light blue chairs are what really jump out at me!  It just goes to show how the colors work together to highlight.

Use Black To Highlight An Area In An All White Room

decorating in black and white

This all white and natural wood kitchen gets a nice punch of drama with the black counter and pipe.

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  1. Where do I find different carpet like the black with white dots? Love it

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