Rustic Chic Decor DIY Ideas

Blending elegant chicness with comfortable rustic is a great combination for a balanced home. To get this popular rustic chic style into your home, you may want to consider some easy DIY projects. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive with these rustic chic DIY projects.

Rustic Chic DIY Inspiration

Paint Stair Risers White

rustic chic decor DIY - painted stair risers white


To lighten up this rustic staircase, I stained the stair treads but painted the risers white to brighten the area. Adding white to a room is a great way to add some chicness.

Whitewash Wood Walls

rustic chic decor diy - whitewash wood walls


With all of the rustic elements in our cabin kitchen, I whitewashed our plywood walls for a fresher modern look. I could have also just painted the walls white but I wanted to have some of the rustic wood grain show through. Because the cabinets are more of a light modern design, they also contrast nicely with the rustic floor and decor. It also helps to have plenty of stainless steel for some more chic.

Add A Sliding Barn Door

rustic chic decor DIY - add a sliding barn door

For a room that is already chic, adding a rustic sliding barn door will be the perfect touch. Whether the door is separating two rooms or is simple for decor, the look definitely adds some warmth. We hung this door in our industrial loft dining room to contrast the concrete bar and wine table. You can either build your own barn door or hang a fun vintage door.

Hang A Glitzy Light

rustic chic decor DIY - hang a glitzy chandelier

A pretty chandelier works well to add chic to a rustic room. My cabin craft room has a lot of concrete and wood so the pretty light offsets it nicely.

Add Or Expose A Brick Wall

Exposing The Brick

rustic chic decor DIY- expose a brick chimney

We exposed the brick chimney in the house that we were renovating. It was just a matter of removing the plaster with a crow bar and then vacuuming and cleaning it real good.

Adding New Brick

rustic chic decor DIY - add a brick wall

It was easy to add a brick wall to our cabin kitchen with thin brick veneers. Bricks are a great way to add rustic chic to a room.







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  1. Oh your cabin looks gorgeous…so different from where I live! Love the staircase!

    1. Thank you Liz! The staircase was a little time consuming but it was worth it in the end!

  2. Love the decor! Our house is like a 60’s remake of an old farm house. I’d like to ‘class it up’ a little bit while still honoring the heritage.

    1. Thanks LuAnn! I love old farm houses! You can have a lot of fun with decorating options. Let me know how it goes!

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