Decorating With Driftwood With Easy Driftwood Crafts

I have been enjoying collecting driftwood lately.  All of the various shapes and sizes, that have been smoothed out by the water, are fun to look at and admire.  Figuring out how to display all that wood can get a little mind boggling though! I actually love the look of the wood on its own, in a basket of some sort or laid out on a shelf or mantel, but there are other ways of decorating with driftwood that are a little more creative.

This collection of ideas will help to inspire you if you want to use your driftwood in a project or really highlight a piece or two in your decorating.

Ideas For Decorating With Driftwood

The beauty of driftwood is in the soft colors, shapes and edges. Because of this, any project involving driftwood is an appealing work of art.

Driftwood Bookend

decorating with driftwood

SOURCE: Casa Tres Chic

Not everything you do with driftwood has to be a complicated project. Sometimes it is all in the display.

Handmade driftwood star

decorating with driftwood

SOURCE: The Handmade Home

This star project is a great way to use up a bunch of those small pieces of driftwood plus it makes a wonderful display piece!

Easy Driftwood Planter And Candleholder

diy driftwood planter

SOURCE: DIY Driftwood

What a fun way to decorate plain planters and candle holders. By using stretch beading cord, the driftwood cover is expandable. This way it’s easy to switch it to another container if needed.

DIY Driftwood Wall Art

driftwood wall art

SOURCE: Sustain My Craft Habit

The thing that I like about wall art is that you can do pretty much anything that you want. I love how some of the pieces of driftwood are painted a coastal blue color for more interest. Small pieces of driftwood can be used to form shapes as well. A fish, flower, or heart are just a few ideas of what you could put together for driftwood wall art.

Driftwood candle holders

decorating with driftwood

SOURCE: The Gold Jellybean

I think everyone likes candle holders of some type in their home.  This is an easy way to get a unique and decorative candle holder using driftwood.  You can have fun picking through your favorite shapes for this one!

DIY Driftwood Wall Hook

decorating with driftwood

SOURCE: Shelterness

Finally, use a long piece as rustic wall trim with hooks for keys or other small items.

I hope you have been inspired!

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