DIY Fishing Sign For Cabin Decor

Do you need to decorate a fishing cabin? Or, maybe you know of someone who would love some handcrafted fishing decor. This DIY fishing sign is a perfect gift item for the fisherman that you know. It’s super easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of materials. In fact, if you have some scrap or salvaged wood, you are already more than half way there.

Our cabin is both on a fishing lake and very near a great fly fishing river. It only makes sense that we should have some fly fishing decor to highlight this pass time. Although, my husband has enjoyed fly fishing for quite some time, I have just recently gotten in to it. Who knew it was so relaxing and fun! It’s probably a little more relaxing for me because I don’t care too much if I actually catch a fish. Just being on the water and casting is all that I really need. Anyway, now that we both enjoy the sport, it is especially significant to have a lot of fishing decor in our cabin.

Although we do have a lot of fisherman theme decor, in the form of antiques, I still wanted to add to it with something homemade. A sign seemed simple enough and making one with a fun quote adds a little whimsy to our decor. I’ll show you how to make a DIY fishing sign with a wood plaque, some paint, and a couple of flies.

DIY fishing sign

How To Make A Fishing Sign

Supplies Needed:

  • unfinished wooden plaque or any scrap wood square
  • background paint – I used dark amber
  • letter paint – I used light celery
  • two flies
  • letter stencils
  • stencil paint brush
  • flat paint brush
  • tacky glue or hot glue


DIY Fishing Sign

  1. Paint Or Stain The Wood Square

    I brushed on a very thin coat of paint so that the wood grain would show through. You could also use stain for the same effect. If you want a solid color, paint two or three coats or until you are happy with the coverage.painted wood for sign

  2. Use Letter Stencils To Stencil The Fishing Quote

    Measure the letters and determine a layout for the entire quote. I wanted the quote to fill the entire square so I placed the words in a pattern where at least one letter was touching each of the outside edges. For exact measurements, you could first stencil, with pencil, the quote on paper. Then, cut out the words and play around with your placement. Once you have your layout determined, lift up one word at a time and stencil that word with contrasting paint. Use a stencil brush and just dab the brush over your stencil.stenciled letters for fishing sign

  3. Add Flies To Embellish The Sign

    If you are a fly fisherman, you most likely already have flies that you can use for this. However, if you are making this as a gift, you can either leave the flies off or purchase some from a sporting goods shop. I chose to fill in the two gaps at opposing corners. Hot glue works easiest for this but since the wood is laying flat, any tacky glue will work.

  4. Add Hanging Hardware To The Back Or Place On An Easel

    Since the sign is quite small, I like it displayed on a small easel on a shelf. If you want to hang it on the wall, just attach picture hanging hardware to the back.

diy fishing sign
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