DIY Garden Inspiration With Repurposed Art

An outdoor garden is always beautiful on it’s own but it can be made more interesting with some repurposed art.  The art creates a focal point and added interest. Some of the most unique ideas, that I have seen, come from using salvaged wood and metal antique items. These junk items create some of the most interesting and beautiful garden art. Because of this, I have rounded up some of my favorite diy garden inspiration that incorporate these items most creatively.

DIY Garden Inspiration

1.  Garden Bench

garden bench
Garden bench via Hometalk

This colorful garden bench was repurposed from an old bed frame! This is such a clever idea that adds a ton of whimsical interest to the garden area. It also makes a great display for potted plants. The bright cheery colors add to the charm. Even rustic outdoor spaces can use a little cheerful color.

2.  Tricycle Flower Pot

tricycle flower pot
Tricycle flower pot by Dejavue Designs

I have seen lots of instances where old bicycles are used in a garden design but this tricycle is my favorite. The added bowl works great as a planter. However, you can also place flowers in a bicycle basket. Garden crafts like this add a lot of visual interest.

3.  Secret Garden Door 

secret garden door
Secret garden door seen on Hometalk

This fun door, leading to no where, is made up of a variety of salvaged parts.  The actual door glass was painted with mirror paint to provide a nice reflection of the surrounding garden and it also gives the illusion of a garden beyond.

4.  Container Gardening

container gardening
Container gardening by Flea Market Gardening

An old enamel tub combined with an old table makes a great raised planter for your garden. You could also use a stool or vintage step ladder to add some height. Because of the raised height, this combination works well for a focal point.

5.  Garden Chair

garden chair
Garden chair by the Kabam Family

Here, a painted chair welcomes you to come and sit awhile and enjoy the view.  Although this chair looks great in the garden, weatherproofing it with polyurethane is a must. Any wood needs to withstand the weather.

Again, some fun containers bring the height of the flowers more to eye level and add some decorative interest.

I hope you have enjoyed all of this DIY garden inspiration. Do you have some ideas for the garden that you would like to share?



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