DIY Rustic Lampshade With A Vintage Coffee Sack

For some reason I have a hard time finding lampshades, to purchase, that fit my décor style. Or, if I do find a lampshade that I like, it usually is not the style shade that I need for my lamp or the size is not quite right. Because of this, I simply purchase plain shades and then decorate them to my own liking, which of course is rustic. Luckily, it is fairly easy to create a rustic lampshade with very few supplies. This DIY rustic lampshade uses a section from a grain sack to give it style.

I have been staring at a lamp, in the corner of our living room, for over a year now. It’s just been looking back at me with a plain face. The surrounding lamps are all wearing decorated shades. It looks left out and could use some jazzing up a bit. So I finally decided to do something about it, which brings me to this current project.

For this shade, I decided to embellish it with a strip off of a vintage coffee sack and some twine.

diy rustic lampshade

DIY Rustic Lampshade:

All I did was to cut a 3 inch wide strip out of my coffee sack which was a length that would wrap around the shade at an angle. I then glued the strip onto the shade with E6000 craft glue. Any type of tacky or fabric glue should work for this.

The shape of your shade will determine the angle in which you will apply the fabric. Whatever looks best and allows you to glue the fabric flat is what you’ll be going for!

After applying the fabric, I then trimmed out the edges by gluing twine around the top and bottom. For the bottom, I used two pieces of twine. I glued each piece from the back of the shade to the center front, leaving the each piece long at the center. I then tied the two long pieces together in a bow.

Finally, I trimmed out the top and bottom of the shade by wrapping a length of twine around the edges three times. I first a applied the glue around the edge and then just wound the twine around the glued edge.

And here is the resulting rustic lampshade:

diy rustic lampshade

diy rustic lampshade

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diy rustic lampshade

diy rustic lampshade

diy rustic lampshade

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