Easy Craft ~ How To Make A Metal Flower

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I have seen craft flowers made from fabric, paper, leather and pine cones.  For a fun and whimsical look, I am going to show you how to make a craft flower made out of metal.  It really is quite easy and working with metal gives you the flexibility to shape your petals with a simple bend.

There are various metals you can use to cut your petals from.  I used a rusty tin sheet that you can buy from a craft store.  Another option would be to use an empty can from your pantry.  Just cut the top and bottom from the can, make a cut through the length of one side, and press the can out flat on a hard surface.  Whatever you use, it is best to use a thin metal for cutting.  I had started with a license plate.  By the time I was finished cutting three petals, I was tired out.  It was just a little too thick for easy cutting.

Also, before getting started, think about how you will want to be decorating your petals.  Notice how my petals have silver squiggly lines through them.  I first used a Dremel tool to make random lines in the rusty tin.  When I cut out the petals, there were random lines and curves that were different on each petal.

You may want to use paint on your petals or decoupage patterned paper to the metal.  Of course you can also just leave them plain.

Here is what you will need to replicate the metal flower shown:

  • 1 small sheet of rusty tin
  • dremel tool
  • daisy stencil from Painting.About.com
  • tin snips
  • one bottle cap
  • one large bead
  • about twelve inches of copper wire for a stem
  • hot glue
  • tacky glue

Craft Flower Instructions:

Use your dremel tool to draw out lines and squiggles onto your rusty tin.  If you don’t have this tool, you could scrape out some lines with a nail or screw tip.  It will just take a little longer.

Cut out your petals using a tin snips.  You may be able to use a heavy duty scissors if the metal is thin enough.  You could easily cut out your petals free hand.  However, if you are like me and want to have a template, you can print off the free stencil to trace out the petals first.

Use a bottle cap to hot glue each of your petals to.  Put a drop of hot glue on the inner point of the front facing petal.  Press this point to the back of the bottle cap so that most of the petal is showing.  The bottle cap acts as the center of the flower.

Once you have all of your petals glued in place, hot glue your bead to the middle of the bottle cap.  I first put a drop of tacky glue and then the hot glue for some extra adhesion.  If the edges of your petals are rough from cutting you will want to smooth them down with sand paper or a metal file.  Next, cut out a round circle, about the size of the bottle cap, to glue to the back of the flower over all of the petal points.  This just adds another layer of adhesion plus a smooth and finished look from the back.

Cut a section of copper wire the length you need for your container.   Hot glue this to the back of your flower on the round metal circle.

You are now ready to insert your flower into the container of your choice!  You can make a whole bouquet if you like.

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