Easy DIY Photo Holders For A Desktop

If you have a desk, there is a pretty good chance that you may have a family photo or two displayed proudly among all of the rest of your clutter! And, if you have some photos, you must have something to display them with. Besides the traditional picture frame, I have some diy photo holder ideas that are quick and easy to make and take up just a small amount of space on your desk so that you have lots of room for all of your other stuff.

I have used a variety of different materials for a base and then have simply attached florist wire, that I have curled at the top, to attach a photo to.

DIY Photo Holders

Hose Nozzle DIY Photo Holders

This one is a simple design using just the vintage hose nozzle and florist wire.

diy photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

I strung beads through the wire on this one to add a little color.

diy photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

And, for a fun look to go in a game room, I glued some dice to the top of the nozzle and around the wire on this last example.

Vintage Spool DIY Photo Holders

diy photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

This first photo holder is a simple design that can be incorporated anywhere and just uses an old spool without the label and some florist wire.  Another fun look would be to keep the thread label on.

diy photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

Here is another one that I did in a shabby chic style by adding lace and faux pearls.  I have also made these to use a table number holders for weddings.

Log DIY Photo Holders

diy photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

Log photo holders are super easy and inexpensive to make.  Just go on a hunt for fallen logs and use them with bark on or off.  Drill a small hole in the top of the log that is cut to size, fill with glue, and insert your florist wire.

Besides using these for photos, I also like to use them for notes or special invitations that I have received.  Whatever you can wrap or insert a wire into, you can use!



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  1. These are some cute ideas. Very creative! I like the vintage hose nozzle, never would of thought of using a nozzle as a photo holder. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Linda! It’s kind of fun to come up with ways to reuse those vintage items in funky displays!

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