How To Embellish Tin Containers

I love collecting vintage tin containers of any kind.  If they have any bit of rust or wear then all the better!  Whenever I am shopping antique stores, estate sales or flea markets, I seem to have a radar for spotting them and just have to bring them home.

How To Decorate With Tin Containers

There are a lot of ways to decorate with galvanized steel or tin containers. Whether using vintage tin or tin cans, there are fun ways to dress them up. Here are some creative examples for using tin containers in decorating.

Decorate Vintage Tin Containers With Florals

One of my favorite tin containers, is this little rustic pail. It has just the right amount of aging and rust. I decided to give it a little shabby chic style by adding a glass floral. To adhere the floral to the container, I just used a tacky glue that dries clear. Because I didn’t want any globs of glue showing, I only used a small bead of glue. It now makes some nice shabby chic storage for my office.

tin container

Embellish Tin Containers With Epoxy Stickers

I also had a couple of plain maple syrup tins that would be perfect to embellish.

tin containers

I added some chic epoxy stickers to the tins by first sticking them to white paper and then gluing them to the containers.  This helped to have the lettering show up against the dark tins.  I attached a floral pick to the larger container for some added interest and chic.

These make perfect containers to use as rustic vases in your home decor.  And, the inspirational messages are fun to read as well.

tin container embellishments

tin containers

The last container that I dressed up just a bit was an old vintage watering can that I had.  This would also make a great planter or container for flowers.

tin watering can

I did the same thing by adding an epoxy sticker and a silk flower.

tin watering can embellishments

It doesn’t take much at all to add a little chic to a rustic container and it’s kind of a fun option for a bit of a dressier look!

Decorate Tin Cans To Use As Storage

tin containers

Recycle tin cans to make some decorative storage containers. They are such a nice size for storing pencils and other small storage items. I embellished these tin containers in three different ways for a variety of look. Whether you decide to use paint, paper, or fabric, there are lots of ways to give cans a new look suitable for display.

Make Your Own Vintage Inspired Tin Containers

tin containers

SOURCE: Organize & Decorate Everything

Between vintage cans and tin cans there are a lot of decorating possibilities. And, if you want a little of each, you can make your own vintage inspired container out of a new tin can. Using a product called, Plum Brown, you can create rust on a new can. Then, just apply your own vintage inspired labels.

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