Birch Crafts For Home Decor: 15 Ideas

One of the reasons that birch bark and logs are so popular to use in craft projects is because of the clean white appearance that is both rustic and chic at the same time.  It has been my favorite tree to work with for years and I never grow tired of the look. The following birch crafts for home decor are perfect for adding rustic chic to your space.

Birch Crafts

Birch Lamps

The very first item that my husband and I ever started making from birch were lamps, so I will start from there.

birch crafts for home decor - birch floor lamp

A floor lamp like this is made from the birch suckers that grow up from the base of a large birch tree.  We have also made table lamps, sconces and a chandelier from smaller birch logs.  You can see more details at DIY Lamp: Make Your Own Birch Lamp.

Birch Log Table

birch table craft

I love this birch table idea by Let’s Entertain.  It is simple to put together by just wrapping the logs together with wire.  However, you just want to make sure the tops are level for that glass tabletop.

Birch Candles

birch crafts for home decor - birch candle holder craft

Besides lamps, birch candle holders are my next most favorite item to make.  They are super easy, with the right tools, and they can be used almost anywhere.  Check out the tutorial at How To Make Birch Candle Holders.

Flower Pots And Vases Covered In Birch

birch crafts for home decor - birch bark flower pots

Birch bark can be used to cover a variety of items.  It looks great on these flower pots filled with moss!  Make your own birch planter for your home decor.

birch crafts for home decor - birch vase craft

I have also used birch bark to cover empty wine bottles to use as rustic vases.  Find the instructions at Wine Bottle Craft.

Birch Log Coasters

birch crafts for home decor - birch coasters

You can simply slice up some birch to use as coasters.  Just be sure to coat them with some polyurethane to waterproof the surface.

Birch Bird Houses

birch birdhouse craft

It just seems natural to turn a birch log into a cute little decorative birdhouse.  I have quite a few of these sitting around in different sizes.  I have even used old signs or license plates for the roof material.  See more details at Make A Birdhouse Using Birch.

Birch Wall Art

birch wall art for home decor

Here are some ideas using birch bark and styro-foam bases.

Birch Log Tissue Cover

birch tissue box cover

Rustic tissue box covers are a nice home accent and this one made from birch branches is fairly easy to whip together.  Check out the tutorial at How To Make A Birch Tissue Box.

Birch Crafts For Home Decor – Lampshade

birch crafts for home decor - birch bark lampshade

Here is another type of lamp using just the birch bark.  The rustic birch lampshade is easy to make.

birch toothbrush holder

Sometimes the birch bark layer slips completely off the log in whole.  These tubes are perfect to use in a craft project like this toothbrush holder.

Birch Baskets

birch basket

Baskets can be used in so many different ways in home decor and one made from birch bark has all the more appeal in my book.  Make your own basket by following the easy tutorial provided by Damask Love.

Birch Covered Pumpkin

birch covered pumpki

For the Fall season, you may want to cover a pumpkin in birch bark for a more neutral and rustic look.

Birch Snowman

birch snowman by

And for the Winter is this fun little birch covered snowman!

All of these birch crafts for home decor can be used in a variety of different rooms. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I live the way birch bark looks. It’s such a pretty colored bark. I guess it is grown more up north. Because I haven’t ever see it here in Texas. All the crafts are really pretty. But the little snowman is adorable! Really like the pumpkin and flower pots too. I ordered some birch awhile back for a project and still have some left. Might have to cover a flower pot (-;
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the Birch ideas. Have been using my birch to cover candle pillars.

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