How To Decorate A Wine Bottle For A New Years Decoration

New Years Eve is a time of glitz and glamour, not only in how you dress but in the decorations as well. With all of that sparkle, sometimes any ordinary bottle of wine or champagne can look a little plain at the table. There is no reason why these bottles can’t be dressed up a little as well. It’s super easy to embellish a bottle with a strand of pearls or ribbon. Bring out some of your leftover gift bows from Christmas. I also found some fun labels to print and tape over the existing label.

Here is how I decorated a champagne bottle for New Years Eve. I used a vintage pearl necklace twisted around the neck of the bottle a few times. Then I attached a satin bow and glued a new festive label, with lots of glitter, to the bottle.

how to decorate a wine bottle

I searched for other ways to decorate a wine bottle and found some cute ideas.

DIY Glitter Wine Bottles

One of these ideas  for decorating a wine bottle is to simply glue gold or silver glitter to the bottle. This is a very elegant and sophisticated option as shown at Celebrations. This can be done with the entire bottom of the wine bottle or in any pattern that you choose. Just tape off the areas that you don’t want glitter.

how to decorate a wine bottle

Here is another fun wine label printable that I found:

how to decorate a wine bottle

Get the free printable here.

And, when the party is over, don’t throw out those wine bottles! There are plenty of ways to reuse the bottles in other wine bottle crafts. See the links below for more fun craft ideas using wine bottles.

10 Amazing Wine Bottle Crafts

A Roundup of Recycled Bottle Crafts

A Roundup Of Great Wine Bottle Crafts

Happy New Year!

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