How To Decorate With Mason Jars: Seven Rustic Ideas

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A mason jar doesn’t have to be designated for just the pantry.  There are lots of fun ways to use these jars in your home decor.  If you have a few extra stored away, you may want to bring them out to use in a fun new way.  I have gathered up a selection of ideas that will help to inspire you in your decorating.

I came up with a very easy rustic looking candle holder.  All you have to do is fill the mason jar part way with small stones or pebbles.  Then, set your votive candle on top of the stone and tie some raffia around the neck of the jar.  This can be part of an indoor or outdoor table setting or shelf decor.  I have used these in the summer, on the patio, for a little extra lighting in the evening.  You can also put a citronella candle in the jar to help ward off the mosquitoes!  For a more beachy look, just fill the bottom of the jar with beach sand instead of the pebbles.

Here are some of the other ideas that I have found:

This first one is a very similar idea by The Design File.  I like that the jars are hanging.  Using multiple jars in a row also creates a nice statement.

I’ve noticed a lot of mason jars being used in rustic wedding decor.  I love this particular arrangement by Rustic Wedding Chic.  A mason jar becomes a great vase for fresh flowers in a rustic setting.

For some holiday dazzle, this jingle bell mason jar by The Inspired Room is a perfect craft idea.  I’m loving the jute string wrapped top!

Another fun holiday idea is to make your own snow globes.  This design, by A Place For Tea, uses an old Christmas ornament to fill her jar.  See exactly how it was turned into a snow globe by checking out her blog.

One of my favorite ways to decorate with mason jars is to use them for pendant lights.  Budget Wise Home shows how you can make these inexpensively.  This is such a fun look for a rustic setting.

Finally, look how pretty a whole collection of mason jars looks on a fireplace mantel.  It sets off a rustic setting beautifully.  This photo came from Ingenuity On Display.

I hope these ideas get you thinking about mason jars in a whole new light.  On top of all the decor, you can also use mason jars for some great decorative storage in your craft room or office.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. thank you ever so much for the great ideas. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

    1. You’re welcome SpecialK! Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Thanks you for the great ideas. I especially like the mason jar candle holder with the pebbles & the pendant light. That would look really neat around the patio.

    1. I’m glad you like them! I recently found several vintage mason jars at a thrift store and am anxious to do some more crafting with them.

  3. Mason jar are my new obsession. Going to try the pendant light.
    Thanks for sharing.

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