Top 10 Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

If you like mason jar crafts, you are going to love the ideas I have found for the holidays! Not only are mason jars great to decorate with but they also make fantastic gifts. I like to use a collection of vintage mason jars but you can also easily buy a large pack of new mason jars from a grocery or craft store. These mason jar Christmas crafts are my top ten.

Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

1. Christmas tree mason jar

holiday mason jar
Christmas tree mason jar by The Feathered Nest

You can make beautiful Christmas decor that reminds you of a large snow globe with mason jars. The trees used in these were made from bottle brushes!

2. Frosted illuminaries

frosted mason jar illuminaries

What a pretty way to light up the holiday!

3. Mason jar oil lamp

mason jar oil lamp
Mason jar oil lamp by Fave Thing

Here is a festive look that is easy to put together. You can choose how colorful you want the display by what you decide to add to the oil.

4. Simple mason jar candle holders

mason jar candle holders
Mason jar candle holders by Norske Interior

Simply using a large mason jar to place a pillar candle makes a beautiful statement especially with just a little embellishment with greenery and ribbon. You can also cover a mason jar with a sweater for a cozy Christmas candle holder.

5. Mason jar snow globe ornaments

mason jar snow globe ornament
Mason jar snow globe ornaments by Simply Ciani

Small mason jars are perfect to use as ornaments for the tree.

6. Anthropologie inspired snow globe

mason jar snow globe
Anthropologie inspired snow globe by Five Times The Fun

Make Anthropologie inspired snow globes at just a fraction of the cost.

7. Mason jar snowmen

mason jar snowmen
Mason jar snowmen by Weeping Cherries

Snowmen can decorate your home all winter long!

8. Christmas cranberry mason jar decoration

Christmas cranberry mason jar
Christmas cranberry mason jar decoration by Sortrature

A vintage mason jar is especially nice to use for this Christmas decoration idea.

9. White Christmas luminaries

mason jar Christmas luminaries
Mason jar Christmas luminaries by Ginger Snap Crafts

Can you believe that these beautiful and chic luminaries were made from simple mason jars?

10. Mason jar rustic crate centerpiece

mason jar centerpiece
Mason jar rustic crate centerpiece by Kaleidoscope Of Colors

And finally, grouping several mason jars together in a rustic crate is my idea of perfection!  I love this centerpiece and it could definitely be enjoyed for the entire Winter season.

Make sure to check out my post, Lots Of Unique Mason Jar Crafts, for more fun ideas.

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  1. great pics! But where are the instructions. Did I just miss them? I really like some of them like the oil lamp and the luminaries.I onlyhave not a computer does that matter. other than that you’resite it’s awesome love the content

    1. Hi Judy, you get to the instructions from the numbered corresponding links which are in blue and are also the title of each project. You can also click on the photos to there 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the feature! We appreciate it 🙂

    1. You are very welcome!

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