How To Make A Cup Cozy Gift

If you are trying to think of a good handmade gift item, you may want to make a decorative cup cozy. Who doesn’t like to have a barrier between their hand and a hot or cold beverage? This makes them a popular gift item. I’ll show you how to make a cup cozy using things like socks, sweaters, and other materials.

Best Ideas For How To Make A Cup Cozy

Use An Old Sweater

how to make a cup cozy

TUTORIAL: DIY Coffee Sleeve

For a warm and cozy coffee sleeve, make one from a regular sweater sleeve. Instead of throwing out old sweaters, use them for a fun recycled craft like this. Because a sweater sleeve is already a perfect cylinder, it is super easy to transform it into a sleeve for a cup instead.

Use An Old Sock

how to make a cup cozy

TUTORIAL: Mommypotamus

If you don’t have an old sweater to make into a cup cozy, you can always use an old sock. Plus, how many times have you had just one sock, from a pair, come out of the dryer?

Make A Custom Cozy Out Of Linen

custom cup cozy

TUTORIAL: Hazelnut Girl

Maybe you want to make a cozy for a cup that is customized to fit a particular mug. A fun gift would be a special mug with a cup cozy that compliments it. I love how this red mug looks with the cozy that is attached with red buttons.

Use Felted Wool For A Cozy

how to make a cup cozy

TUTORIAL: Life Is A Party

For another look, first turn a sweater into felted wool. Then make your cozy out of this material that feels just like felt. Add a fun label to customize the cozy further.

Make A Cozy Out Of Denim

denim coffee cozy

TUTORIAL: Crafty Staci

A more rugged coffee cozy can be made out of denim. Use denim fabric, like this one, and sew a new jean look with a pocket. Or, recycle a pair of old jeans into a cozy. If you recycle, you can use the original tag and maybe a small pocket from the jeans.

Make A Cup Cozy Out Of Burlap

how to make a cup cozy

TUTORIAL: Tina Made It

Since burlap is one of my favorite materials to use in craft projects, I had to include a cup cozy made from burlap. The pattern for this came from a Starbucks paper cozy. After copying the pattern onto fabric, just sew two pieces together. Add a loop of elastic and a fun wooden button and you have a great rustic chic cup cozy.

how to make a cup cozy

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