How To Make A Felt Gift Bag

Half of the fun in gift giving is in the way it is presented.  A gift bag is often the easiest solution so why not make the bag something that is a gift in itself?  Making a gift bag out of felt not only looks impressive but the receiver can use the bag over for something else or easily re-gift it without it looking worn and crinkled.

Today I am going to show you how to make this super easy drawstring bag out of felt.  It can easily be whipped up in a matter of minutes and costs less than a dollar.

felt gift bag


How To Make A Felt Gift Bag:


  • 2 square of felt in matching or contrasting colors
  • sewing machine (you could also sew by hand or use fabric glue for the whole thing)
  • fabric glue
  • twine
  • vintage buttons (optional)

Felt Bag Step By Step Instructions:

gift bag tutorial step one by gift bag tutorial step one by

1.  Lay out your two pieces of felt, one piece on top of the other, so that you can sew the sides and bottom together with a half inch seam allowance.

gift bag tutorial step two by gift bag tutorial step two by

2.  From the bottom corner of the seam, measure one inch up the seam at each edge and make a mark.  Do this at each bottom corner.  Then, draw a diagonal line connecting the two marks.  Carry this line across to the other side of the bag as well.  Now bring the bottom and side seams together, matching that line and sew in place to make a box corner.  It will look like the photo below when you are finished.

gift bag tutorial by gift bag tutorial by

If you want your bag to have a wider bottom, then just mark your points for the diagonal seam at an inch and half or two inches instead of one in step two.

gift bag tutorial by felt gift bag diy by rustic-crafts.con

Make a tiny slit in the front of the bag, about two inches down, with your scissors.  Insert the two ends, of a section of twine, through the hole.  The top of the bag will be folded inside and over the rest of the loop of twine.  Use fabric glue to secure the folded felt in place, making sure not to get any glue on the twine.  Now just pull the ends of the twine to close the top and tie in place.  You can also sew that folded edge in place if you would like to see the seam.  Add any extra embellishments that you want to make the bag extra special.

Burlap flowers would be a nice touch on these bags as well.  Check out How To Make Burlap Flowers for more details.



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