How To Make A Rustic Centerpiece For Christmas

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Your kitchen is typically a place that is warm and inviting.  A place where you may be more apt to have some nature inspired decor.  You may already have fresh fruits and vegetables out on display or maybe a potted herb garden on your window sill.  This room is a perfect place to add in some rustic decor, especially at Christmas, no matter what your main decor style is.   Adding a festive focal point to your kitchen table or counter doesn’t have to be hard when you incorporate just a few natural elements.

A couple of my favorite items to use in a centerpiece are pine cones and birch branches.  However, there are so many different kinds of pretty branches to choose from.  Some even have berries on them that can be dried and used in an arrangement for more color.  Pick something that is available to you or you can also purchase branches, that have been dried, as well.

If you use your own found pine cones, make sure to bake them at a low temperature for a couple of hours to dry them.  For this arrangement, I am using store bought pine cones that I had gotten on clearance for 75 percent off.  They can be fairly easy to find after the holidays, on sale, which is a good time to stock up.  Mine even smell like cinnamon which is another plus!

Here is how I made the centerpiece:

Materials Needed:

  • birch or other branches
  • pine cones
  • glass vase
  • ribbon
  • bark covered wire
  • Christmas floral pick

First I took my glass vase and filled it two thirds full with small pine cones.  I then inserted birch branches, one at a time, until I had a full arrangement.  Finally, I inserted a Christmas pick that I had purchased with rusty bells, evergreen, and red berries.

To decorate around the neck of the vase, I tied a section of ribbon and bark covered wire around the top.  I then twisted each end of the wire in a spring like pattern and draped the ribbon through the loops at each end.

To finish the whole arrangement off, I set the vase on a square white platter that was topped with a white pea-berry wreath.  I added a few candy canes between the wreath and the vase for a little more color and set it on my counter next to my chef Santa!

The rustic Christmas centerpiece makes a warm focal point in my kitchen for the holiday season.

Happy Crafting!

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