How To Make A Rustic Style Clock

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A while back I wrote a post on most creative recycled crafts which included a free printable for making clock faces out of cds.  I was super excited to have found the printables and have had several plans in mind to use them in different clock designs.

Since I need a small wall clock in my cabin kitchen, I figured that would be the best place to start.

We built our cabin using many cost saving and unique ideas so I thought it was appropriate to accessorize it with as many creative and inexpensive ways that I could.  This project cost me absolutely no money at all to complete – YAY!  I didn’t even have to buy a clock kit because I took apart a clock that we weren’t using and used the mechanism from that!

Here is what I did and how you can make this too:

Materials Needed:

  • a 3/4 inch to one inch thick slice from a tree trunk (you can also purchase a natural disc slice from a craft store like Joann or Michaels)
  • an old cd
  • free clock face printable (click on link above)
  • clock kit (can be purchased from a craft store or take apart an old clock that you are not using)
  • strong craft glue like E6000 or Loctite
  • velcro


1.  First, I took apart the clock that I was going to recycle using a phillips screw driver and a wrench.  I set the parts I would need aside.

Clock face printable glued to a recycled cd. Demonstration of cutting out center hole in clock face for hands.

2.  I took the clock face that I had previously made with a cd and the free printable and cut out the middle circle with an exacto knife.

Cutting of clock hands, with tin snips, to a smaller size. 3.  Since the clock that I was recycling was quite a bit bigger than the face of the clock that I was making, I had to make the hands smaller.  There was no sense in purchasing new clock hands when I could hack away at the old ones with tin snips.  It was an easy modification.

Reassembled clock face with all three hands in place. 4.  Then, I just reassembled all of the clock pieces and inserted a battery.

Attaching cd clock face to a wooden disc with velcro. 5.  To give the clock more of a rustic feel, I attached the face to the tree slice using velcro.  This way I will be able to remove the face easily whenever the battery needs to be changed.  I also added a picture hanger to the back so that I could hang it on a wall.  ***If you want the clock face to sit flush against the wood slab, you can notch out a square box first with a router, then simply attach the velcro inside the notched out box.

And, here is the finished clock:

Finished rustic clock craft on the wall.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. VERY cool Renee. I made a bunch of ornaments out using your CD tutorial but never thought to make an actual clock.

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. awesome! Thank you for linking up at Katherines Corner xo

    1. Always happy to link up to your party 🙂

  3. Very clever! But how did you cut the tree slice? We tried cutting smaller logs for our Christmas table, and found even they were too large to fit in our saw, chainsawing was difficult, but that’s what we did. How’d you’ do it? Little Bit from

    1. That’s exactly what my husband did. He used his chain saw to cut several slices for me.

  4. Love this! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party going on now and would love for you to share this!

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