How To Repurpose Old Light Fixtures

I have written about how to make light fixtures out of repurposed items but what if you want to repurpose an old light fixture into something else?  No worries!  I have some ideas for doing that as well.

If you like to update your home with new accessories and fixtures, there is a good chance that you may have an old light fixture just lying around.  Instead of just letting it collect dust, thinking that you may have a place for it….someday, why not put it to use now in a whole new way!

Here are some fun ideas that I found that you could try:

What To Make With Old Light Fixtures

1.  Make a bird feeder

light fixture bird feeder
Light fixture bird feeder by Livin In SD

This would make a beautiful addition to your garden with the extra plus of drawing in the song birds.

2.  Light fixture candle holders

light fixture candle holders
Light fixture candle holder by Chippy Shabby

I have seen several instances of light fixtures turned into candle holders.  I love this example, with the chipped paint and ornate styling, which looks particularly shabby chic.

3.  Light fixture planter

light fixture planter
Light fixture planter by Inhabitat

Turn a light shade into a useful planter.  This planter happens to be hanging from the ceiling but in the likely event that you are no longer using the fixture , you can easily hang it from a hook or set it on a surface.

4.  Repurposed bird bath lamp

recylced bird bath lamp
Repurposed bird bath lamp by Birds and Bloom

To go along with the bird feeder, here is a unique idea for a garden bird bath using a repurposed lamp.

5.  Fun Outdoor Lighting

outdoor light
Outdoor light by Belle Fleur

Finally, why not create some fun outdoor lighting with an old chandelier?  This light fixture was painted a cheerful green and is used to burn tea light candles.  You could burn citronellas to keep those mosquitos away at the same time!

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  1. Thanks for sharing our light shade to feeder blog post.

  2. I have shades with the hole in the middle.. how do you stop it up? Thanks, June

  3. Great tips, I love it. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked them!

  4. Great idea! Love #5 especially – thanks for sharing!

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