Recycle Keys For Home Decorating

Old keys don’t have to lose their life once they no longer serve a functional purpose.  Vintage keys, especially the skeleton style, are very popular to use as a home decor accent once re-purposed. This collection of key crafts shows you several different ways to recycle keys for home decor.  If you just want some quick and easy ideas for using your old keys, try simply adding them to existing decor as an embellishment.

Quick And Easy Ways To Recycle Keys

  • a  stack of vintage books gets added interest when you wrap a ribbon around it and tie a key at the knot
  • simply hang one on your key rack with a pretty chain or ribbon
  • decorate gift packages or tags with an old key

Key Craft Ideas

Recycle A Key For Christmas Decor

recylce keys - Santa's key Christmas decor

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Seasonal home decor is just as fun, if not more fun, to make as other home decor.  I love this super cute Christmas craft idea that uses a vintage skeleton key as Santa’s key!

upcycled key ornaments

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Other types of old keys are just as good to recycle for Christmas decor. Use some for making Christmas ornaments that are easy to hang.

Recycle Keys To Spell Out Words

recycled key pumpkin decor

SOURCE: Midwest LIving

I love the look you get when using vintage keys to spell out words.  This is such a fun way to decorate pumpkins for a unique Fall look. Another idea is to spell out a word, with old keys, and frame it with a burlap backing. Or, simply spell out a word on a reclaimed board and hang it on the wall.

Make Fun Drawer Pulls


Skeleton keys or any old door keys are the perfect size to be recycled into drawer pulls. These are painted in fun colors but would also look great just left in they’re natural metal. I am in love with this idea for drawer pulls and will probably do this one when I get the opportunity.  I will be getting screw posts and attaching them at each end of my key using E6000 craft glue.  Simple and extremely stylish!

Recycle A Key And A Bottle To Make A Cool Vase

diy skeleton key vase

A great way to recycle and use a vintage skeleton key.  I love the shape of those bottles of lemonade that you can get at the grocery store.  They make a perfect bottle to re-purpose into a fun vase, especially when decorated with vintage items such as a key.

I hope you have been inspired by these unique key crafts!

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  1. Absolutely love the ideas. I collect skeleton keys and needed ideas for decorations.

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