Decorative Kitchen Storage Containers

kitchen storage containers

When space is not an issue, it is so much easier to organize a kitchen with a variety of storage containers. In my old house, I was able to dedicate one cabinet just for baking supplies. Behind those doors, I had neatly stacked Tupperware containers, with labels, for all of the staples that I needed.

Now that I live in a city loft, I have a very small kitchen. Organizing has to be very efficient and sometimes decorative, depending on where I have to store. To make the most of my space, I absolutely need to store some of my things in plain sight. My baking supplies, for instance, have to go on the kitchen counter. However, in order to not overwhelm the counter space and cause unnecessary distraction, I decided to go very minimalistic. White seemed neutral, clean and uncluttered.

kitchen storage containers

Since I also don’t have enough room to properly organize all of my utensils in a drawer, I pulled out the stainless ones to display in a fun container. Although I had been worried about putting too much on my counters, I really don’t mind this arrangement since it blends well with my tile and counters. Plus, it definitely leaves me more room inside my cabinets for items that need to stay hidden!

Of course I found more ideas for kitchen storage containers that are worthy of being left out in the open. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ideas For Kitchen Storage Containers

I love the look of these containers found at Ali Express. Again, the look is very minimalistic, light and airy.

kitchen storage containers

This set looks great on wooden shelves and paired with a white utensil holder filled with wooden spoons!

The next idea I found is for some DIY pantry storage jars. However, these are so pretty you could definitely leave them out on an exposed shelf!

kitchen storage containers

You can find the tutorial for this project at My Sweet Things.

I happen to be a huge fan of Ikea. In fact our whole cabin kitchen is made up of Ikea cabinets and other storage solutions. They offer a rail system that you can attach to your wall to hang storage bins from. We have a small one at our cabin, for one bucket,.but I like this longer rail with more options.

kitchen storage containers

A wall rail like this keeps your counters free too!

You can make your own wall storage organizer with a few wire baskets and a couple pieces of wood for a rustic backer. This easy DIY project is found at Girls Build Club.

kitchen storage containers

I think I might like a couple of wall baskets for storing lemons and limes!

One of my favorite storage containers, for the kitchen, are blue mason jars! I used to have so many of these but then I sold them all. I’m regretting not saving a couple for myself but I suppose I can always find some more. The rustic vintage look is awesome enough but what I love the most is the color. Dejavue Designs shows how great they look as open pantry storage in her farmhouse kitchen.

kitchen storage containers

These could be displayed on any open shelving or counter space for extra storage.

You could also paint clear mason jars and add labels for a fun storage idea. This example from Hometalk shows a variety of colors. You could also do all white or another color that coordinates with your kitchen.

kitchen storage containers

Do you use containers for extra kitchen storage? What have you used?

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  1. Lots of great ideas, thanks for sharing mine, glad you like my DIY pantry storage jars!

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