Curio Shelf Makeover For Glassware Storage

I hate to throw anything away…..if it has any type of potential that is.  Several years ago, we became the recipients of a mirrored curio shelf that once belonged to my husband’s grandparents. If I remember correctly, this display shelf held a large number of squirrel figurines that grandma just loved to collect. To be honest, I wasn’t loving this little passed down treasure. In fact, the “fancy scrollwork” at each of the corners weren’t even wood. They were plastic!

Feeling that there could be something wonderful in the future for that piece, I decided to throw it up, temporarily, in my craft room to hold paints and other supplies.

mirror makeover

It did start out a dark brown….a plastic dark brown for the corner parts. So I lightened it up a bit with some paint, which was only a little improvement to this curio shelf eyesore. Although this was to be a temporary fix, it stayed this way for several years waiting for me to be inspired.

Well today, I decided to finally give it a brand new fun look. I wanted to have a display over my bar cart for glassware storage.

Curio Shelf Makeover Steps

The first thing that I had to do was rip out those corner pieces. It was pretty easy. All I had to do was unscrew them from the brackets. Whew!

Next, I gave the frame a light coat of matte black paint.

I now had to fill in the gap between the shelf display and the frame. I had some three inch by five inch thin wall tiles that just happened to fit the area perfectly, resting on the wood at both sides. I glued those all the way around with E6000 craft glue.

The design that I had previously had in mind for this project was for the frame to look similar to a matted picture frame. I wanted the matte to be fabric and urban in design. I found the perfect material at Joann and was ready to go.

I cut strips of material to fit over the tiles and then glued them down with fabric glue. Then, I just trimmed everything out with black ribbon.

Here is the finished mirror makeover:

mirror makeover

mirror makeover

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  1. This looks really cool! The fabric is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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