Thrift Store End Table Makeover

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I love to be able to rescue furniture from thrift stores and give them new life.  Not only that, it is a super affordable way to get a unique table, chair or dresser.  I found this end table from a resale shop in Traverse City, MI and thought it would be perfect to distress and use in my shabby chic home office.

This is the look when I bought it.  The first thing I did was to remove the drawer pull and sand off the old paint and finish.  It also had a lot of dirt and grime.  What a messy job!  This took quite a while but it was rewarding to see the table come down to it’s bare bones.  After sanding, I wiped the table clean with a moist rag and then I wiped it off again and then cleaned off myself and the floor…..

Now I was ready to paint.  For the table top, I used a Benjamin Moore latex paint called Mochachino—sounds good enough to drink!  This had not been the ideal table top.  It was a laminate :(.  I had sanded off pretty much all of the waxy finish but I still had to put three coats of paint on for a good coverage.  Normally, I would pick furniture that is solid wood but it worked out in the end.

On the legs and drawer, I used a combination of cream and a little bit of the Mochachino.  I sanded off parts of the paint in key areas when dry.

To add to the aged look of the table, I rubbed in a little bit of brown shoe polish into the creases in the legs.  I used a very small sponge applicator to fit into the crease without touching the outside.

I didn’t want to put the same drawer pull back on so I searched my craft room for something fun.  I chose a wired ribbon with an old key threaded on.  I simply tied the ribbon together at the inside of the drawer.

Now I’m ready to add some accessories to the top of the table!

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