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I’m not one to hang my clothes out on the line to dry.  Not when an electric dryer is so quick and easy!  I have, however, purchased bags of clothespins to primarily use  as chip clips.  This works out wonderfully because you can get a bag of about 50 clothespins at the grocery store for around $3.  The only problem is, you get 50 clothespins.  I definitely don’t have 50 bags of chips open at one time! That is why I came up with this collection of clothespin crafts to put those extras to use.

So what to do with all of those clothespins?  Use them in a craft project of course!  I wrote an earlier post on what to do with clothespins but have since found some more ideas that would be fun to try.  And, with clothespins being so easy to get a hold of, it’s necessary to have lots of ideas to draw from!

Clothespin Crafts

Here are some more great clothespin crafts you may want to try.

Make A Photo Clip Board

clothespin crafts

TUTORIAL: Talia Christine

Clothespins are great to use for photo clipboards. Whether you use mini craft clothespins or regular clothespins, its a fun way to display photos or messages. I love this rustic looking frame using the clothespins as clips to hang photos from.  I have a couple of frames that the glass has broken from.  This would be a perfect re-use of the frame and a fun way to use up a lot of the clothespins.

Create A Clothespin Side Table

clothespin crafts

SOURCE: Country Living

Clothespins can add a decorative detail to furniture. This is a fun way to add a little texture and interest to an otherwise plain table.

Craft A Colorful Party Back Drop

clothespin crafts


I would not have thought to use clothespins as a party back drop but I love this colorful idea.  The fact that you can clip messages or memorabilia to the back drop makes it all the more fun.

Make A Clothespin Wreath

clothespin crafts

SOURCE: Family Chic

Make a fun wreath that is super easy to put together by shaping a hanger and clipping on the clothespins!

Make Quick Decorative Candle Holders

clothespin crafts


These rustic candle holders are easy to put together. Stain the clothespins or leave them plain for a variety of looks.

I hope you have been inspired by these ideas.  Have you done any projects of your own with clothespins?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. In 1981 the boy scouts made a square cart out of clothes pins that had two wheels, would like a pattern.

  2. Thank you for featuring my mirror. All of these clothespin crafts look wonderful!

    1. You’re welcome Andrea! I love the unique look of your mirror.

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