What To Do With Clothespins

How many of you have a stash of wooden clothespins laying around your house? Chances are that you don’t need your full supply for the occasional hanging of laundry. So what to do with all of those extra clothespins? Whether regular size, mine or extra large, I’ll show you a variety of clothespin crafts that will transform them into usable and decorative home accessories.

what to do with clothespins

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Decorative Food Clip Clothespin Craft

diy clothespin food clips
SOURCE: Bag Clips You Can Make

An obvious craft choice is one that I like to do and that is to make decorative clips.  I tended to use clothespins as chip clips anyway but they were a little boring to look at just plain. I figured why not jazz them up a little bit and use them all over the house for clipping papers, gift bags, recipe cards and even photos.  Some I have even attached magnets to the back to use on a magnet board or refrigerator.

This set of clips was fun to make with a combination of colorful buttons and vintage mother of pearl buttons.


Industrial Clip Board Clips

I made another set for a vintage heat register that I turned into a clip board. Since I wanted a more industrial look for these, I decorated with metallics.

what to do with clothespins

I simply painted them with a copper metallic paint and embellished them with a fun vintage looking safety pin by Tim Holtz.  There are just so many ways to embellish a clip.  You can paint, stamp, mod podge, embellish with fabric, buttons, rhinestones or game pieces.  Your imagination is the limit!


Herb Garden Label Clips

herb garden label clips
TUTORIAL: DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Mini clothespins are also great to use as clips. They came in very handy with clipping wood labels to my herb garden cans.

Photo Wheel Clips

photo wheel clips
SOURCE: Trash To Treasure Craft Ideas

Here, the mini clothespins made attaching photos to the spokes of this wheel easy.

Rustic Clothespin Clips

rustic clothespin clips
SOURCE: What To Do With Wood Slices

You can also make decorative clips using small wood slices for a creative rustic touch.

Besides clips, there are several other crafts that you can make with clothespins.  Here are just a few.

Vintage Clothespin Sunburst Mirror

vintage clothespin sunburst mirror
TUTORIAL: Decor And The Dog

This mirror, made up of vintage clothespins, is the perfect companion to the display of vintage wash boards.

Farmhouse Tiered Stand

farmhouse tiered stand
TUTORIAL: The Happy Farmhouse

With clothespins, you can make a rustic tiered stand that looks like baskets.

Mini Picket Fence Flower Pots

mini picket fence flower pots
TUTORIAL: Big Bears Wife

These clothespins are made to look like a picket fence around the plants.  It’s a cute way to add a rustic touch to your basic planters.

Clothespin Bowl

TUTORIAL: The Art Of Doing Stuff

Attach several clothespins together and then wind the strand around to form a bowl for fruit or whatever you need to store.

DIY Clothespin Trivet

diy clothespin trivet
SOURCE: Sweet Paul Mag

Something everyone can use is a decorative wooden trivet. You can make one easily with clothespins. To change up the look, paint or stain the clothespins to fit in with your color palette.

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

patriotic clothespin wreath
TUTORIAL: Preciously Paired

You can make a variety of wreath designs with clothespins. This patriotic design is a good one for the 4th of July or Memorial Day.

Clothespin Clip Shelf

clothespin clip shelf
TUTORIAL: Country Living

As if these weren’t enough ideas for what to do with clothespins, check out the following posts for more great inspiration.

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