Fun Nature Walk Art Projects For Kids

Summer is such a great time to enjoy some creative activities with the kids. Afterall, they have so much free time on their hands! It doesn’t matter that you are probably busier than ever! Those little people are looking for you to fill their extra time with as much entertainment as possible. And, it’s not like everyone has a budget for endless outings to the zoo or amusement parks. It’s time to get creative! Luckily, most kids enjoy nature walks which can then lead to nature crafts and other activities. I’ve come up with a collection of nature walk art projects for kids that will be sure to please even the most restless of kids.

If you live in or near a woods, this is a perfect place to have a nature walk. Local parks can also be a fantastic option – especially if they already have walking trails. However, even in a city neighborhood, there are opportunities to enjoy nature. You can find rocks, leaves, or flowering weeds almost anywhere. The key is to get walking and bring a sack for collecting of course! Items in nature are a work of art in themselves so whatever is collected is perfect for the following art projects.

Ideas For Art Projects Using A Nature Walk Collection

1. Make A Leaf Butterfly

leaf butterfly art project
Leaf Butterfly Art Project by Thimble And Twig

What you’ll need to collect on nature walk:

  • at least four regular size leaves
  • one thin twig
  • two tiny leaves

You’ll want to have on hand glue and paint to form the butterfly and decorate it. Look at other nature items that you have collected to see what else you can make!

2. Form Flower Petals Into A Suncatcher

flower petal suncatcher craft
Flower Petal Suncatcher Craft by Messy Little Monster

A flower petal suncatcher is a fun art project for little kids. The real catch, though, is making sure the kids are picking wildflowers and not flowers from the neighbors garden! Besides the flower petals, you only need a paper plate and contact paper to complete this craft.

3. Paint A Collection Of Monster Rocks

nature walk art projects - painted rocks
Painted Monster Rocks by Easy Peasy And Fun

Since most nature walks involve finding rocks, it’s a good idea to use them in an art project before they are used as a weapon! Painting rocks to look like monsters is fun for all ages. Since monsters come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and faces, your kids can’t go wrong with what they create.

4. Color Up Some Chalk Painted Branches

chalk painted branches
Chalk Painted Branches by Meri Cherry

What kid doesn’t like sidewalk chalk? Here is a little twist on creating with chalk that will make all your branches a work of art.

5. Try A Nature Weaving Craft

nature walk weaving craft
Nature Walk Weaving Craft by Craftiments

Why not bring all of your found objects, from your nature walk, together for a weaving art project? This is a fun way to create art with color and texture. Depending on the age of your kids, you may have to create the branch weaving loom for them. Then, just let them weave in their favorite nature finds.

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