Patriotic Centerpieces You Can Make Quick And Easy

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There are a couple times of year where patriotic centerpieces are a must – Memorial Day and the 4th Of July.  However, you are not limited to just the holidays to show your patriotism.  These do it yourself centerpieces are great to display all year long.

I put together this table decoration in just a few minutes!  You can do a lot with a glass vase, as a start, and most people already have some type of glass container laying around.  A glass coke bottle would be fun and it already has a little red!

Once you have your container, all you need to do is think about red, white and blue objects to decorate with.  I filled this vase with some clear and white glass stones.  Small white river rock would be a great filler as well.  Next, I simply inserted a few red floral picks and some birch branches for a little rustic touch.  Either artificial or fresh flowers could be used.  To add a little blue, I tied a bandana around the neck of the vase.

Here are some more ideas to use to decorate a glass vase:

Fill glass container with:

  • red and white striped peppermint candies
  • red cherry balls
  • white peppermints
  • glass stones in red, white or blue or a mixture of all three
  • white rocks
  • beads
  • marbles
  • artificial blue berries
  • broken up painted twigs


  • small flags
  • red, white or blue flowers or a mixture of all three
  • painted branches

Embellish vase with:

  • tie a red, white or blue ribbon around the neck of the vase
  • glue some rusty tin stars to the outside of container
  • glue or tie patriotic fabric around the container – you could even use a cut from an old striped cotton shirt

These ideas should get you thinking about what you may already have that you can use to decorate with.  Have fun with it and enjoy your holiday entertaining!

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