Pencil Holder Craft Using An Old Drinking Glass

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You can make stylish desk accessories from just about anything!  I made this pencil holder today from a drinking glass that I was ready to toss because it was covered with a soap film build up.

I did some Spring cleaning today and found out that I am an obsessive pen hoarder.  The first place I cleaned out was my closet which of course was filled with plenty of my purses.  Normally, when I switch purses, I just move over the necessities and leave the rest…..receipts, gum, change and apparently lots of pens!

The crazy thing is….I seem to never be able to find a pen when I need one!

Another area that was getting an overhaul was my kitchen cupboards.  My glasses get a filmy soap build up over time from the dishwasher that just isn’t pretty and not at all suitable for serving to guests.

It doesn’t stop me from using the dishwasher for inexpensive glassware though.

I just periodically switch the glasses out for new and try to find a new use for some of the old.

So…..when I looked at my stash of pens and pencils from my closet cleaning…

wondering where I was going to go with all of them……

and then looked at my nasty glasses sitting on the counter…..


I would make a pencil holder!  And that is what I did!

Here are the easy steps:

1.  I first painted the glass with two coats of white acylic paint and let dry.

2.  Next I took some burnt umber paint and diluted it with water.  I brushed this on lightly in spots just to dirty it up a little and give it a  bit of a rustic feel.

3.  I sprayed the paint with a matte finish acrylic sealer to finish it off.

4.  I like inspirational or thought provoking words so I added this epoxy button sticker.

5.  For a little more interest, I wrapped some twine around the glass and secured it in place with tacky glue as I went.  I added a vintage button for good measure.

Now my ruined old glass was transformed into a useful and decorative pencil holder:

I added my favorite pens, from my stash, and placed the new pencil holder on my desk in my office:

Happy Crafting!

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