Personalized Gift Tags Made With Photos

The presents are all bought, your list is complete, but now the real work begins!  The task of creatively gift wrapping all of those packages may seem a bit overwhelming but a few fun ideas can at least get you moving in the right direction.  Just as important as the gift wrapping is the marking with gift tags.  The tag itself can actually be one of the most decorative parts of your package. Personalized gift tags can be even better.

At a recent family Christmas party, my mom decided to use old photos instead of traditional gift tags for labeling gifts.  I thought this was a fantastic idea for personalizing gift tags and have used the idea in my gift wrapping this year.

How To Make Personalized Gift Tags

All you need to do is pick a fun photo of the recipient.  It could be something from the ancient past, like a baby picture, or a more recent memorable moment.  To add interest under our Christmas tree, I used a mix of black and white and colored photos.  I also used coordinating craft papers, under the photos, to blend with the gift wrap.

There is no need for writing names on these tags, as long as it is all in the family, the pictures should be recognizable!  It can be a little more interesting and fun with extended family though.  If you use old photos, it could be fun guessing who is who!

personalized gift tags

Here are a few more ideas.

Photos That Look Like Traditional Gift Tags

DIY gift tags with photos

This photo tag idea by Sweet Paul makes the photos look like a traditional gift tag.

Vintage Style Personalized Gift Tags

vintage photo personalized gift tags

I like this idea by Fireflies and Jelly Beans too!  A paper bag was used to create a vintage looking photo tag with a space for writing names.  This way there is sure to be no confusion!  I like how these look like an photos from an old polaroid camera.

Black And White And Red All Over

black and white photo tags

And, here is a design by Martha Stewart using black and white photos.  They are set off well with the red ribbon against the white paper.

It can be a lot of fun just looking through old photos to come up with pictures that you want to use to personalize your packages.  I found myself getting lost in all of the fun memories and had to force myself to put away the boxes – for now!

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