Quick Halloween Crafts From Nature

Halloween is such a fun time to make your own decorations, costumes and treat bags. To keep the expense of all this crafting down, I am sharing these quick Halloween crafts using things from nature. Not only are these projects budget friendly but they also have rustic style. All you need to do is go on a nature walk and start collecting!

Quick Halloween Crafts

Make A Decorative Broomstick From Tiger Lilly Stems

quick Halloween crafts - broomstick made from tiger lillys

SOURCE: Breida With A B

Besides pumpkins, what says Halloween more than a witch’s broomstick? The broom is made from dry tiger lilly stems. A variety of things can be used to make the broom handle. To keep with the nature theme, use a thick straight branch.

Turn A Pinecone Into A Creepy Spider

quick Halloween crafts- pine cone spider

TUTORIAL: FIreflies and Mud Pies

Kids will love this idea! Make a pine cone spider to decorate a kid’s Halloween party.

Create Some Magic With A Nature Topped Wand

quick Halloween crafts - nature topped magic wands


A popular accessory in many Halloween costumes is a magic wand. Create a decorative one by combining a chopstick with your favorite nature item. Things like acorns and pine cones work perfectly.

Paint Ghost Leaves For A Quick Halloween Craft

quick halloween crafts - ghost leaves

TUTORIAL: Just A Pinch

Because decorating with leaves is so popular for Fall, this craft project is a must. Paint some leaves white, add a face, and scatter them among your other leaves. Ghost leaves are perfect to add to your mantel, a shelf, or a table. If you have a leaf garland, simply stick a few of these among the strand.

Get Festive With Painted Pumpkin Rocks

quick Halloween crafts - painted pumpkin rocks

SOURCE: Easy Peasy and Fun

Create unique vase or bowl fillers this Halloween. Just paint some rocks as pumpkins and fill a glass vase. These would also be cute just scattered on a table. Halloween decor doesn’t have to be expensive!

Create A Dead Forest Porch Display With Branches

quick Halloween crafts- branches

SOURCE: Create Craft Love

Just adding a few dead branches to your front porch can create a look of a spooky dead forest. Hang other Halloween decor from the branches to accentuate the look.

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