Recycle And Make A Bottle Gift

Have you ever had a bottle that you just thought was so cool looking that you held on to it after it was emptied? I did that with a bottle of sparkling pink lemonade. I think what I especially loved was the topper on the bottle. This bottle had to have another use and I knew I would come up with something eventually – like a bottle gift maybe?

The idea came to me the other day as I was looking for a candy dish to display some Valentine M&M’s. I don’t typically like to use traditional candy dishes for holiday decorating. At Christmas, I line the desk in our kitchen with various goblets, candle holders and small dishes with different types and colors of candies.

Since I wanted something with a little height, I wanted to find a cylinder vase. That is when I remembered the lemonade container. It would be perfect for displaying the candy in a fun way! I soaked the container in warm water to remove the labels first and then dried it completely.

How To Decorate A Bottle For A Gift

It probably would have been festive enough to just fill the clear glass container with the M&M’s but I decided to embellish it a little bit. I always have a stash of supplies to use. Whenever I am at a craft store, I like to pick up potential craft items that are on sale.

All I did was glue on a tin cut out heart and some red buttons. Then, I took some copper wire and twisted on a couple of large geometric red beads and wrapped them around the neck of the bottle. I finished it off by wrapping some bark covered wire around the copper wire.

recycled bottle valentine gift

At first, I planned on using is as a Valentine decoration in our kitchen and of course for our family to slowly eat the contents. After finishing it though, I realized that it would also make a nice bottle gift for someone. This would be good to do any time of the year and decorate it for any occasion. It could be filled with any type or color of goodies that will fit through the neck of the bottle.

Another use for this bottle gift would be for a game at a party. I used to have to come up with some games for our kids club at church and one idea was to guess how many jelly beans, etc… were in a bottle. Whoever guessed the closest would get to take the bottle home. A nicely decorated bottle would make this gift all the more special. It would also make a nice door prize.

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