Recycled DVD Cases Made Useful Again

Once DVD albums became a thing, the old DVD cases began piling up everywhere. Who needs a separate case for each DVD when you can store them all together in handy album sleeves? This doesn’t mean that the landfills need to be overflowing with plastic or tin though. These seemingly useless cases can be upcycled into some pretty cool things. You may find that some of these recycled DVD cases will even fit the bill for some pretty nice stocking stuffers. A homemade gift is always more sentimental and there is such a variety of things you can make from an old DVD case. Try one of these projects and see how easy it is to create a custom gift.

recycled dvd cases

Most of these projects should work for either a plastic or tin DVD case. I’m not sure how many tin cases there are around, but the look is a little more polished right off the bat. Either way, it’s not hard to decorate and totally transform any of the cases.

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DVD Case Fly Box

dvd fly box
TUTORIAL: DIY Fly Box From An Old DVD Case

If you know any fly fisherman, this fly container may be a perfect gift. It can hold a collection of new fies in a decorative way. Whether the case is just used as gift packaging for the flies or as a more permanent way of storing flies, it will serve a good purpose. The foam holds the flies in place and the case is thick enough to close tightly with the flies enclosed.

Vertical Garden Out Of Recycled DVD Cases

dvd case vertical garden
TUTORIAL: A Crafty Mix

This vertical garden completely hides the look of the old cases. Since the DVD cases are covered in leather, they take on a totally different look. The use of the cases is to make up the structure for holding the plants and the rest is all decorative.


DVD Case Coloring Kit

dvd case coloring kit
TUTORIAL: Unoriginal Mom

Here is a great idea for a kid gift. Create storage for the colored pencils on one side and paper on the other. This would be perfect for coloring on the go.You could customize these for each child to make them all the more special.


Upcycled DVD Game Case

upcycled dvd game case
TUTORIAL: Dzh’s Goodies

Little game sets are also great ideas for stocking stuffers. They are just right for traveling or carrying to a friends house.


DVD Case Accordian Frame

dvd case accordian frame
TUTORIAL: Creme De La Craft

String a few cases together with little hinges to create a fun photo display.


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