Recycle A DVD Case Into A Homemade Fly Box

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In case you didn’t know, I have been hosting a craft challenge here at Rustic Crafts.  Many people, like myself, now use DVD albums to store their dvd’s  to save on a whole lot of room.  The problem is that this leaves a pile of discarded DVD cases.  My challenge was to take a case and turn it into a useful item or a crafty decor piece.

It took me a little while to come up with an idea but then I spotted some flies that my husband had placed in my craft room.  I am planning on framing some of them – but that is for another project!  It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a little container to keep some of the special flies in.  So, wa-laa – I came up with my project idea.

The dvd case was the perfect size for a fly box.

The first thing I needed to do was cut two pieces of thin foam, the sizes of the inside.  Using tacky glue, I coated each side of the case with glue and then layed down the foam on each side and let dry.  This gave me a soft surface for the flies to lay on and I could also poke the hooks into the foam to hold the flies in place.

Next, I cut a piece of patterned construction paper to fit the insert where the movie jacket used to be.  I opened the case completely to be able to slide the paper through easily.  Before sliding the paper in for good, I added a couple of card stock stickers for added embellishment.  I could have been done right there but decided to add some birch bark and paint to the outside.

I had a slab of birch that had been in storage for a couple of years and the bark was easy to peel in thin layers.  Using tacky glue again, I adhered each piece of birch bark to the outside of the case in a layered fashion.  I then put a coat of decoupage over the birch to seal and protect it.

I couldn’t get birch around the top and inside lips of the cover so I painted those a satin cream color to blend with the birch.

I inserted the flies and the project was complete!

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