Leftover Wrapping Paper Crafts

Save your wrapping paper scraps for these creative leftover wrapping paper crafts!  I never was quite sure what to do with those leftover pieces of wrapping paper.  Some were just big enough that maybe they shouldn’t be thrown out. Now I know that these pretty scraps can still be used! Because wrapping paper is so versatile, it works well in home decor and holiday projects.

Ways To Use Leftover Wrapping Paper

Line A Bookcase With Wrapping Paper

leftover wrapping paper craft

A fun pattern like this turns a basic shelving unit into one with tons of impact. With all of the wrapping paper designs available, this idea can be used for any room of the house.

Makeover A Clipboard With Wrapping Paper

clipboards lined with wrapping paper

Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit a wooden clipboard. Using Mod Podge, adhere the wrapping paper to the wood. The result is a fun and stylish new clipboard!

Wrapping Paper Placemats

wrapping paper placemats

Whether you create new placemats for everyday use or for the holidays, the design options are endless.

Use Christmas Wrapping Paper For Holiday Decor and Cards

Decorated Storage Cans

decorated Christmas cans
Decorated Christmas cans by Twelve O Eight

This project is super green! Not only do you use up leftover wrapping paper but you also recycle tin cans. Although Christmas wrapping paper makes the cans perfect for storing holiday treats, other wrapping papers can be used for making general storage cans.

Wrapping Paper Wreath

wrapping paper wreath
Wrapping paper wreath by Home Dzine

Think of all of the interesting colors and patterns you could come up with depending on the papers used!

 Wrapping Paper Greeting Cards

wrapping paper greeting cards
Wrapping paper greeting cards by Recicla Inventa

This craft is perfect for those smaller scraps of paper.

 Wrapping Paper Tree Topiaries

wrapping paper christmas tree topiaries
Wrapping paper Christmas tree topiaries by 52 Mantels

I love the whimsical grouping that you can put together with the different patterns of paper.

 Wrapping Paper Lampshade

wrapping paper lampshade
Wrapping paper lampshade by Swell Designer

Make a  lampshade using this easy technique.  Simply use leftover wrapping paper in place of the telephone book pages.  In fact, make a couple using a variety of different papers, to switch throughout the year to give yourself a new look for every season!

I hope you have been inspired!

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  1. I love these and will surely try them. Thanks for the suggestions.

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