Make Your Own Gift Basket With A Recycled Basket

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If you are looking for an affordable way to package your gifts, why not recycle a container, that you are not using, and make your own gift basket.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to receive a lot of baskets.  They must come in the form of gifts mainly at Christmas.  Over the years, they have held bath products, cheeses and meats. jellies and jams and various other items.  I always reuse them is some form or fashion.

It seems like if you buy a decorated basket from the store, it is usually quite expensive.  Since I have a craft room full of supplies, I figured I could take some of my plain baskets and embellish them a little for the holidays.  I love to recycle anything I can find and use the items for decorating.

The two hearts that you see on this basket actually came off a wooden heart wreath from a craft store.  The wreath was made up of about twelve wooden hearts nailed together on a wooden circle but one heart was missing.  Therefore, this wreath was placed on the 75% off clearance table with an additional 20% off – practically free!  I bought the wreath just for the supplies.  It also had some tin hearts and garland on it.  This is a great way to recycle and save money.

The material I used for the bow also came off a clearance table and the beads were bought at a discount as well.  Some of the garland wrapped around the basket came from the clearance wreath.  All in all this was a super inexpensive way to add a little festivity to a plain little basket.

I also like to take buttons off of old shirts and use them as embellishments.  If a shirt is too worn to even donate, then I at least like to make use of it’s parts.

After decorating your basket you just need to add your gift contents and you have a full package ready to give.  I have a lot of ideas for themed gift baskets for many different occasions at How To Make Unique Gift Baskets With Themed Fillers.

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