Rustic Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you’re not into a lot of flashy color and glitz for your Christmas tree, you may enjoy creating a rustic Christmas tree instead. To get a more neutral and homey look, simply use things found in nature. A pine cone garland will wrap a Christmas tree in warmth. Add a little bit of white and sparkle for a more rustic chic look. Here are some rustic Christmas tree ideas to inspire you.

How To Decorate A Tree Rustic Style

Grapevine Garland

rustic Christmas tree

SOURCE: Sweet Something Design

This first tree is packed full of rustic goodness.  I think my favorite part is the grapevine garland that came from taking apart a wreath!  The grapevines add warmth just like a pinecone garland would. The white snowflakes really stand out against all of the warm neutral color. Check out her blog to see what she has under the tree – I love it!

Birds Nests

rustic christmas tree

SOURCE: Southern Living

This beautiful tree is adorned with bird nests, pine cones and berries.  To get a little more color, the berries add a nice amount of contrast to this otherwise neutral tree.  The bird nests add a homey touch to this nature inspired tree.  Visit their site to see how you can make your own decorative bird nests.

Rusty Metal

rusty metal Christmas tree

SOURCE: Funky Junk Interiors

If you can’t find enough items from nature, go check out your garage instead. Because your garage may be filled with rusty old objects, they could add a rustic touch to your tree.  I love, love, love all of these rusty pieces, the burlap garland, and the metal bucket to set the tree in.  This tree fits in perfectly with a rustic setting.  You have to check out the blog to see all of the cool ornament ideas up close!

Nostalgic Memories

SOURCE: Country Living

For a truly nostalgic rustic tree this idea is the best. The tree is made rustic with birds and a big rusty tin star and then further adorned with rustic message or photo tags.  Because this simple idea is sure to create nostalgic memories, you may want to incorporate some of this idea.

Hopefully you were inspired by all of these rustic decorating ideas for your Christmas tree.  Now all you have to do is go out and find your tree!

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  1. love the rustic Christmas tree. Can you let me know the items no the tree. It is the tree with the snow flakes.

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