Make Rustic Bottle Charms

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Most people have heard of or have used wine glass charms to keep track of their glass of wine at a party but what about those bottles of beer.  It’s not a problem if every person is drinking a different kind of beer but most likely there are going to be at least two sets of people drinking the same kind.  They could use bottle sleeves to differentiate between bottles but if there aren’t enough unique sleeves, then there needs to be another option for locating that beer bottle.

At a party people are always setting down their drinks to pick up a plate of food or do some kind of activity.  Undoubtedly someone is going to lose track of their bottle or accidentally take a sip of yours.  This is where a beer charm will come in very handy.  This craft idea can be done in any style.  The style that I have chosen to demonstrate is rustic in nature and is geared toward hunters.

Craft Skill Level: easy

Supplies Needed:

  • birch bark covered wire
  • bolts
  • hunting themed charms
  • jute string
  • flat nose pliers
  • tin snips

Craft Instructions:

  1. Cut a piece of jute string about six inches long for each beer bottle charm.
  2. String a charm and one bolt through the string and tie in a knot.
  3. Cut the tied ends short.
  4. Move the knot to the center of the bolt.
  5. Cut a piece of bark covered wire with your tin snips about five to five and a half inches long.
  6. Thread the wire through the bolt, keeping the bolt at the center of wire.
  7. Twist the ends of the wire together using you flat nosed pliers until the circle of wire is tightly secure.  The circle should fit loosely over the neck of a beer bottle.
  8. Repeat the steps for each beer bottle charm.

I made a charm display out of a birch log.  The log was tapered like a pencil end, keeping some birch bark just at the bottom.  A hole was drilled at the top so I could insert a small birch branch.  To display the charms, I simply rung them over the birch branch and let them hang.  I wanted to make a display because when the charms are not being used I thought they should still be shown.  I never like to put my wine glass charms away after I am done using them.  I’m sure that will be one of the next things on my craft project list – a way to display wine glass charms!


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