Rustic Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Easter is just around the corner and you may be thinking about how you are going to decorate your table for the holiday.  Although I do like the pastel colors of Spring, I like to see a little earthiness combined with all of that softness normally seen at Easter.

rustic easter centerpiece ideas

I love this first centerpiece idea which places pastel colored eggs in rustic bird nests surrounded by blooming branches:

rustic easter centerpiece
Rustic Easter centerpiece by Better Homes And Gardens

Here is a similar idea that is super quick and easy using just one bird’s nest and plastic eggs.

birds nest centerpiece
Bird’s nest centerpiece by BHG

I liked the next idea for a more simple minimalist approach.

easter centerpiece idea
Undyed eggs bouquet by Good Housekeeping

Using undyed eggs in a vintage wire basket, as a base for a bouquet of flowers, is a simple and chic idea for a pretty Easter table. Brown eggs would be a great option too for a rustic look.

natural easter basket centerpiece
Natural Easter basket centerpiece by C Maria Virgen

A fun and festive look would be to have your own homemade Easter basket at the table’s center!  This creative centerpiece is an inspiring idea to try. You could even use thin birch branches for this idea since they are very pliable.

nest centerpiece
Easter nests by Social Coutoure

More nests – I do love these!

Easter flower box centerpiece
Easter flower box centerpiece by B Lovely Events

Old crates and salvaged wood boxes have always been one of my favorite containers to use for rustic centerpieces.  This rustic flower box provides the perfect contrast for the soft and pretty Easter flowers on display.

easter centerpiece

Easter centerpiece by Lilla BlankaSimple potted flowers in a rustic pot and a book page covered egg may be all you need to decorate your table.  The look is still festive and chic for the holiday but neutral enough to compliment the rest of your decor.

I hope you have been inspired!



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