Sofa Makeovers To Use As Outdoor Furniture

Comfortable and nice looking outdoor furniture can be very expensive to purchase.  Ugly old sofas can be a pain to get rid of.  However, if you can turn that ugly sofa into a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture, you can effectively kill two birds with one stone! Updating old furniture is always a fun project. However, turning an old sofa into stylish outdoor seating is extremely satisfying.

Sofa Makovers For Outside Use

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I am going to show you several examples of sofa makeovers to use as outdoor furniture.  You are going to love these ideas so much that if you don’t have an old sofa to makeover, you will be running to your local thrift store to hunt for your very own!

Dated Avocado Sofa Into Stylish Porch Bench

This first example is actually from a thrift store purchase of a sofa with great bones for only $6.

Here are the before and after pictures.

sofa makeovers sofa makeover to use as outdoor furniture

SOURCE: Faded Plains

This dated avocado green sofa was easy to transform into a stylish porch bench. By getting rid of the back cushions, the sofa automatically looks more like a bench. Then, switching out the seat cushion to a soft neutral gives a stylish farmhouse feel. The added throw pillows add to the softness and make it super inviting. This would be great for a covered or screened in porch area.

Broken Down And Reconstructed

This next one took a little more work but once again very little money:

sofa makeovers sofa makeovers

Check out Hometalk to see how this old loveseat was broken down to the bare bones and the reconstructed to this beautiful outdoor sofa.  It is obvious that the upholstery is now a nice outdoor weatherproof fabric which is necessary when you have furniture that is exposed to the elements!


If you like the idea of an outdoor sofa but don’t have an old sofa to make over, there is still another inexpensive option.

Build Your Own Outdoor Sofas

diy patio furniture
DIY outdoor sofa and loveseat plans by Ana White

Ana White has detailed plans for making your own sofa and loveseat that will transform your outdoor space.  The plans are easy to follow and include instructions for making the cushions as well.

Would you consider sofa makeovers to use as outdoor furniture? Or, would your prefer to build one from scratch?

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  1. My neighbor is moving and she has a sofa for free and it’s in really good shape. I just moved in and have no patio furniture. I want to take the sofa, but not sure how to make it outdoor proof for rain and sun. Do you have any instructions on how to do that? Will I have to rip off the material and redo it?
    I appreciate any ideas on how to take a free couch and make it into patio worthy!
    Thank you,
    Caron Goller

    1. You can easily spray on a waterproofing spray like Scotchguard. I have updated my post to include a link to the water and sun proof spray that you can purchase from Amazon.

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