Recycled & Rustic Crafts-Ten Best Bird Feeder Craft Projects

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The best bird feeders for your backyard are the most creative and economical ones. Homemade bird feeders not only cost less than most store bought ones but they can also create a unique visual statement in your backyard.

This led me to search for some of the best bird feeder crafts around and I was happy to find quite a nice variety. My goal was to find inexpensive yet attractive diy feeders for the yard. Many of the feeders I found use recycled material which is about the cheapest way to go. The following list is what I found for the best bird feeders to make.

Best Bird Feeders To Make

recycled milk jug bird feeder

This DIY bird feed is made from a recycled jug and is one of my favorites. Not only is it a great way to repurpose but it looks great too! The twig roof and pebble entrance give it a nice rustic feel. The tutorial by Mother Nature Network is easy to follow and understand, making it possible for anyone to create this wonderful design.

recycled plate bird feeder

This ceramic plate bird feeder makes an easy landing for birds to perch. If you have a mismatched plate, that you no longer need, repurposing it for the birds is a perfect idea. However, if you don’t have a spare plate, you can still do this project very inexpensively. Simply purchase a plate from the dollar store like Rhonda from Dollar Store Crafts did. I particularly like the ceramic bird, sitting on top of the plate, ready to greet his feathered friends.

best bird feeders

A similar design to using a ceramic plate is this idea using a grapevine wreath and a clay pot saucer. The wreath gives a nice decorative border to the clay saucer. Here, the jute or twine is braided for a stronger hold than a single strand. Check out the tutorial by Vicki Odell of FaveCrafts for the dimensions and instructions. And, if you would prefer a bird bath, simply fill the saucer with water instead of bird seed!

teacup bird feeder

This up-cycled tea cup bird feeder is so whimsical and fun. It certainly gives a cup and saucer a great new use. Watch the video tutorial from Builders DIY for the detailed instructions.

best bird feeders

Who would have known that this happy feeder was once a McDonald’s happy meal bucket and a plastic mayonnaise jar?Thrifty Fun put together this tutorial which is sure to spur on even more ideas for containers that can be recycled into feeders.

clay pot diy bird feeder

I have seen many bird feeders made from clay pots but I especially like this one. I like the fact that an orchid pot already has the pre-drilled holes. Check out the tutorial from The Garden Coop for easy instructions. There are many different ways to decorate pots as well with paint, stones, sea shells or branches.

best bird feeders

Turn a frisbee and a plastic jar into a colorful feeder in just a few easy steps. Instructables shows just how to do it.

DIY pinecone bird feeder

Finally, I had to include a quick and easy pine cone feeder. See the tutorial by Martha Stewart for the instructions and ingredients. This is a great craft for kids and can be used with bagels and paper tubes as additional ideas. Just coat the object with peanut butter and seeds, hang from a tree, and enjoy all of the bird traffic to come.

For more homemade bird feeder ideas, check out my post on DIY bird feeders.

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  1. Thank You for sharing.

    I love the #1 feeder and #8.

    You can never have to many feeders in the Winter. I pare down to 2 or 3 in the Summer as they would eat me out of house and feed if I left more up.
    think Spring,

    1. I know! I love watching all of the birds come in especially in the Winter. We have a lot of pretty fat squirrels though too!

  2. It is relaxing ‘bird watching’. We have some amazing colorful birds here. Yes like Melissa says they sure do eat an awful lot. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

    1. Hey SpecialK! I’m not familiar with the birds in Brisbane but it sounds like the big appetite is universal!

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