Most Creative Recycled Crafts To Make

Craft projects made with recyclable materials have been steadily gaining in popularity and it is no wonder why. The ability to upcycle an otherwise useless item is so satisfying, budget sensitive, and green. Plus, the creative ways that these items have been used results in home decor that is much more like a work of art. Typically, when you think of creative recycled crafts, you may think of things that kids can make. While there are plenty of ideas for kids, these crafts are strictly for adults. And, you will be amazed at what you can create from common throw away items.

Since a large portion of this blog is made up of creative recycled crafts, you may want to check out all of the ideas for specific trash items. To get you started, there are some posts that I would recommend you check out. My favorite recycled crafts are the ones that fit in best with rustic decorating. For instance, did you know you can make a rustic birch vase out of a wine bottle?

Another one of my favorite ideas is to make rustic chic craft storage caddies out of six pack bottle containers. These end up be handier than what you might think. I love them for storing paint brushes, markers, and other small craft supplies. They can also be decorated in so many fun and creative ways.

In thinking about the most creative recycled crafts, I have found a collection of several recycled crafts that have gone above and beyond in their artful designs. These should inspire you to want to save your trash and begin your own upcycling. Who knows what kind of treasures you will come up with, with just a little imagination!

Creative Recycled Crafts Ideas

Wine Cork Decorative Balls

recycled wine cork decorative balls

SOURCE: Unleashing My Creativity

Any type of decorative ball is popular to decorate with. However, these balls made from wine corks go a step beyond what you normally see. They look very artistic and modern rustic. The best part is that they aren’t too difficult to make. All you have to do is glue wine corks to styrofoam balls. If you love the idea of crafting with wine corks, you should also check out my post on what to do with leftover wine corks.

Wine Bottles For Storage Shelves

recycled wine bottle shelving unit

SOURCE: Zero Waste

As long as you are saving wine corks, you might as well save the wine bottles too. There are plenty of things to do with wine bottles but this DIY shelf is especially creative. It would be cool to store wine glasses on this shelving unit.

Soda Tab Pendant Light

soda tab pendant light

SOURCE: The Three R’s Blog

This pendant light shade is made from tin tabs from soda cans and looks super chic. Who would ever think it was made up of a common throw away item like tin tabs? The look is very industrial and would go great with rustic decor.

Creative Recycled Can Craft

creative recycled can storage craft

SOURCE: Mellywood’s Mansion

Saving tin cans for can crafts is pretty popular. You can do so many creative things with them. I thought that these storage containers were an especially creative use of the cans.

A Basket From Newspapers

newspaper basket

SOURCE: How About Orange

Newspaper is usually readily available and I am loving this basket craft idea. Who would have thought to weave newspaper strips into a decorative basket? It’s definitely a creative use for paper.

Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

plastic bottle jewelry stand


As far as creative recycled crafts go, this one is very delicate and chic looking. This is a good reason to save Mountain Dew bottles. Not only do the bottom of the bottles have a flower like design, but the color of the plastic is fresh and pretty.

A Creative Recycled Craft Project With CDs

Did you know that you can make decorative clock faces with all of those old CDs or DVDs that you have lying around? I was super excited to find free downloadable clock face printables that fit a CD perfectly. And, CD’s make the perfect base because they already have a hole in the middle for the hands.

clock face printables for cds

Get the free printable downloads from Craft Your Happiness.

Use these printables to make good use of your CD’s. You can use them either for simple decor or to make an actual clock. I used one of the printables to make a rustic clock. After attaching a clock face printable to a CD, I added a working clock kit and attached it to a rustic wood slice backer.

What was your favorite recycled craft idea? Do you think you will try any of these? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Love your repurposing ideas!! Enjoy reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away!! Thanks.

  2. How do you connect your wine corks? I’ve tried hot glue and they sometimes come apart?

  3. I am trying to find the printable CD clock faces and am not having any luck on the White Life website.
    Do you have a direct link or can you tell me how to find them?
    I love what you have done!!

    1. Claudia, Thanks for bringing this to my attention! It appears that White Life has taken the free printable post completely off their website. Check out my update in the post. I found software that you can purchase and download for cd clock faces and I also found one free printable for a plain clock face. I hope this helps you!

  4. Awesome idea. This is going on my “to do” list.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like it Betsy. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I made and sold several of the clock CDs as Christmas ornaments. I used an old package of CD labels that my hubs had. They were hard to line up on the labels but well worth the effort.

    Those tin cans have me inspired. I’m going to search for vintage flower seed packaet images and do some of them.

    Thanks for inspiring us!

    1. What a great idea to use the clock faces as Christmas ornaments! Good luck with the tin can project, Tee!

  6. I will definitely be trying the clock faces on my old CD’s! Love this idea and I may wind up saving some money instead of buying them at the antique/flea mart.

    1. Great Kathy! I know I was super excited about the cost savings too!

  7. Love the clock face idea!!!!! its so steampunk! I will have to try this!:O)

    1. Hey Wendy! I’m glad you like the idea and I hope you do try it 🙂

  8. LOVE the clock faces! I have an obsession with clocks! I made a couple already and will be posting!!

    1. That’s awesome Marsha! I thought they were so great 🙂

      1. I see a couple of my followers came over after I posted about the clocks!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

        1. Yay! Thanks for posting 🙂

  9. What a great idea! Thanks

    1. You’re welcome Kathy!

  10. Renee,I’m going to make the pencil holder for the fridge. I’m tired of reaching up on top to find the pencil! I also love the clock faces. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. You’re welcome Barbara! Good luck with your projects. It’s so much fun to be able to create something useful out of recycled materials 🙂

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