21 DIY Candy Decorations For Christmas

A fun way to bring a little cheer and color to your Christmas decorating is to add in some candy. Whether real candy or fake, a display of colorful goodies is sure to add a smile. Some places that you may want to add candy decorations are to the tree, a garland, or displayed in a hot chocolate bar. Peppermint candies are extremely popular at Christmas as well as gum drops and chocolates. This collection of DIY candy decorations is full of ideas for making faux candy. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make decor using real candy. All of these Christmas candies are easy to make and display.

diy candy decorations

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Wrapped Peppermint Candies

Christmas candy decoration
TUTORIAL: How To Make Faux Candy

Use faux wrapped candies as a vase filler or to display in a dish or tray. It gives a festive look without the temptation to eat them! You can also glue the candies to a section of twine and use as a garland. For gift wrapping, use the candy for a package topper instead of a bow. These are easily made with flat glass round marbles and craft paper.

SHOP: Flat Glass Round Marbles

Rustic Candy Cane Ornament

rustic candy cane decoration
TUTORIAL: How To Make A Rustic Candy Cane Ornament

For a rustic Christmas tree, make a candy cane with vine covered wire. The candy canes are easy to hang on a tree.

SHOP: Vine Covered Wire

Candy Cane Candle Holder

candy cane candle holder
TUTORIAL: DIY Candy Cane Candle Holder

Another way to get some rustic candy cane decor is to paint a wooden candle holder with red and white stripes. This candle holder is made from a small log with the bark peeled off.

Polymer Clay Lollipop Ornaments

clay lollipop ornaments
TUTORIAL: Lines Across

Create fun lollipop ornaments by using a couple of colors of polymer clay. Just twist two colors together, create a spiral, and you have a realistic looking lollipop.

SHOP: Polymer Clay

Felt Candy Ornaments

felt candy ornaments
TUTORIAL: Happiness Is Homemade

Working with felt is super easy and you can create a variety of candy designs in just minutes. Then, hang your creations on the tree for a colorful display.

SHOP: Felt

Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

candy cane star tree topper
TUTORIAL: Adventures Of A DIY Mom

Besides using faux candy, you can also use real candy to make festive Christmas decorations. This festive candy cane star would be a perfect tree topper.

Candy Christmas Wreath

candy christmas wreath
TUTORIAL: Live Craft Eat

Make a unique wreath for your door using real peppermint candies. For something more permanent, make the faux wrapped candies featured above.

Ribbon Candy Garland

ribbon candy garland
TUTORIAL: A Kailo Chic Life

A garland of candy makes a sweet wrap for your tree.

Giant Yarn Lollipops

giant yarn lollipops
TUTORIAL: Grace Monroe Home

Here is another twist on the lollipop ideas. Simply roll a couple of colors of yarn together and attach to a festive straw.

Gum Drop Christmas Ornaments

gum drop christmas ornaments

Gumdrops glued to a styrofoam ball create an irrestistable garnish to hang from the tree.

Giant Gum Drop Ornaments

giant gum drop ornaments
TUTORIAL: Dream A Little Bigger

You can also make single giant gumdrops, in a variety of colors, using styrofoam eggs.

SHOP: Styrofoam Eggs

DIY Candy Cane Vase

diy candy cane vase
TUTORIAL: Vicky Barone

Cover a plain container with candy canes for instant Christmas decor.

DIY Candy Cane Tree

diy faux candy cane tree
TUTORIAL: Sweet Parish Place

A paper mache tree is dressed up for Christmas with red and white balls that resemble a candy cane.

SHOP: Paper Mache Tree

Candy Cane Candle Holder Trio

candy cane candle holders
TUTORIAL: Mama Of 3 Munchkins

Surround pillar candles with candy canes for a joyful display.

Peppermint Chain Garland

peppermint chain garland
TUTORIAL: Frosting And A Smile

This pepperment chain garland is so unique and fun. Just heat the hook section of a candy cane to make it flexible enough to form a chain.

Candy Wreath Napkin Rings

candy wreath napkin rings
TUTORIAL: Style At Home

Candy wreaths make perfect napkin rings for a holiday table.

Peppermint Bowls

peppermint bowls

A super creative idea is to heat up peppermint candies to form into a bowl.

Peppermint Christmas Ornaments

peppermint Christmas Ornaments
TUTORIAL: Hello Homebody

An easy way to create peppermint shapes is to fill festive cookie cutters with candies and then melt in the oven.

Hershey Kisses Christmas Tree

hershey kisses christmas tree
TUTORIAL: Cherished Bliss

Use a styrofoam cone as a base for creating a Christmas tree decoration to tempt the crowd.

SHOP: Styrofoam Cone

Bubble Gum Ornaments

bubble gum ornaments

Create colorful bubblegum decor by wrapping small balls in cellophane.

Chocolate Candy Ornament

chocolate candy ornament
TUTORIAL: Sweet Something Designs

Here is an ornament you may very well be tempted to take a bit out of! Don’t do it though. That chocolately looking goodness is actually made from hot glue and milk chocolate colored paint.

SHOP: Design Master October Brown Paint

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