Ten Popular Accessories For Decorating Vintage

There is something about an antique or vintage item that just brings about a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. At least those items that would be considered for home decorating!  They have a way of adding character that newer items sometime lack. If you are just thinking about adding some vintage into your decorating style, these popular accessories for decorating vintage would be good to start with.

Vintage Decor Accessories

Here are the top ten accessories for decorating vintage.

Clocks & Books

decorating with clocks and books by rustic-crafts.com

A vintage clock on a mantel, shelf or desktop is a great accessory that adds warm character.  Old books can be used anywhere in stacks on their own or to showcase another object.  The shabbier the better!


decorating with fans by rustic-crafts.com

There are so many unique colors, shapes and sizes of vintage fans that they make an interesting accessory in a variety of different settings.  Use them in a bedroom, office or living room for a fun accent.

 Kitchen Scales

decorating with vintage scales by rustic-crafts.com

This is definitely an item that I have a hard time keeping stocked in my store, The Rustic Attic.  It has been very popular for vintage kitchen decorating.  I use them in my own kitchen above the kitchen cabinets.


vintage decorating

Suitcases are fun to collect and display in groupings.


decorating with cameras by rustic-crafts.com

I have been seeing replicas of old cameras for sale in stores, to use in home decor, so why not use the real thing?  We have been displaying my husband’s collection of vintage cameras on one of our fireplace mantels and love the simple look.


decorating with typewriters by rustic-crafts.com

An old typewriter adds instant warmth to an office space or study.


decorating with ladders by rustic-crafts.com

Wood or metal, tall or step ladders, offer a wide variety of decorating possibilites.  The character comes from the age of the ladder.  Check out all of these decorating ideas with ladders!

Canoe Paddles

vintage decorating by rustic-crafts.com

Vintage canoe paddles look especially rustic with their weathered finish and are perfect for rustic decorating.  A lot of times rustic and vintage go hand in hand.

Wire Baskets or Bottle Carriers

vintage decorating by rustic-crafts.com

Any wire baskets or vintage bottle carriers are extremely popular to use in decorating.  They can be used for centerpieces or shelf displays and always add a unique look.

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  1. some really lovely ideas and certainly useful when thinking about what we will buy for our lovely Boutique and what I can use at home too…x

  2. I’m kicking myself for getting rid of that old fan that we had!

    1. Oh no! I hate it when that happens!

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