Unique DIY Wall Hooks

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Almost anything sturdy that will protrude from the wall  can serve as a wall hook.  This allows for many interesting and unique design ideas for your home decor.

Usually you will first want to attach your unique items to a solid surface like a board or a shelf back panel.  Depending on the item, you can attach with a strong adhesive like E6000 craft glue or screws if you are using something like cabinet knobs.

Items like door knobs, vintage hose nozzles, old wooden bobbins, or even tree branches would be fun choices to use.

I used a vintage wooden pants hanger to make this fun wall hook.  All I did was twist the hanger hook around to the front so that it could be used on the wall!

I found several other different examples of easy diy wall hooks that will be sure to inspire you!


This first one is a great example for a rustic setting.  You would just need to build a frame first or use a pre-built shadow box and then cut your branches to size to fit inside.

Here is one that was made from reclaimed textile spools and sold by Uncommon Goods.  If you had your own collection of vintage spools or large wooden bobbins, you could do something very similar.


Even stones can be used!  You might want to use a plain cabinet knob with a flat surface as a base to glue the stone to for some extra depth.  I love the natural look!

I have collected many vintage shoe stretchers myself and I just love this idea for using a pair as wall hooks!  Susan from Homeroad came up with this unique idea and I think it is a super functional and decorative use.  The added monograms give them a little extra chic too!


Antique door knobs are so cool looking and really should be displayed.  This is a perfect way to show off a collection and put them to a functional use as well.


How about vintage spoons?  Or, any type of silverware for that matter!  It’s an easy item to bend and manipulate into just the type of hook that you want.

Spools with or without the thread make a colorful display for the wall.  This idea by Design Sponge attaches the spools directly to the wall.  You could also make a hook display on a board or shelf.

What items do you collect that might make good wall hooks?

Happy Decorating!

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  1. LOVE the branche and spools!

  2. These are great ideas! I love the idea of using those pants hangers the way you did and the shoe stretchers are so cute.

  3. Great ideas! I LOVE the antique knobs.

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