Homemade Valentine Decorations For The Home

Homemade Valentine decorations can be easy to make with things that you may already have at home. Check out these easy ideas using ordinary things from around the house like playing cards or wine glasses.

Easy Homemade Valentine Decorations

Nail Polish And Champagne Flutes

homemade valentine decorations -nail polish and champagne flutes

Basic champagne flutes can be made super festive with just a little nail polish. Since nail polish is a pretty common item to have on hand, this Valentine flute craft is pretty much free. If you don’t have champagne flutes to decorate, you could always decorate another type of glass.

Designate A Setting For Two With A Playing Card

homemade valentine decorations with playing cards

Add a playing card to your table setting for two!

You can also make a pedestal candy tray using parts and pieces in your home. I glued a glass plate to a candlestick holder to create a fun tray for holding candies.

valentine decorating

You can either use real or artificial candy made for decorative purposes.

Use Playing Cards To Make A Festive Valentine Garland


A garland using all of the hearts from a deck of cards is a festive way to decorate a mantel, shelf or doorway.

Make Edible Paint To Decorate Plain Plates

I love this idea for decorating with edible paint because it is temporary!  This way if you like to change year after year, like I do, you have a blank slate again for next time.

Create Some Rustic Valentine Decor With Tin Cans

homemade valentine decorations

These upcycled tin cans are adorable for rustic Valentine decor. Just paint the cans any color that you want. Wrap the cans with twine or any other string that you have on hand. Cut out hearts from maps, newspaper, or any other paper that you have. Fill the cans with homemade arrows made from branches.

What do you have lying around your house that can be made into homemade Valentine decorations?

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